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Experience the Most Comprehensive Suite of Cloud Services

RapidScale’s fully managed cloud solutions make it incredibly easy to integrate applications, users, accessibility, and efficiency into a business of any size and any industry. Plus, with RapidScale’s world-class CloudCare, you’ll never be left to fend for yourself. We provide 24x7x365 live support, a convenient self-service knowledge base, and the best cloud experts in the industry.

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Managed Cloud Services for Every Vertical

RapidScale's solutions complement any business, from any industry. Our managed cloud sercvices offering and comprehensive cloud roadmaps allow for a simple migration to the cloud.

The healthcare industry is becoming more digital, collaborative, and data driven than ever before. RapidScale’s cloud allows healthcare businesses to improve doctor-patient connections and ensure that personalized healthcare can be accessed anywhere in the world through secure data sharing. RapidScale makes it easy to integrate your technology and applications while meeting the healthcare industry’s regulations and standards.

Large enterprises can benefit tremendously from RapidScale’s Cloud Enterprise as they struggle to keep costs down while remaining competitive and innovative. Helping multiple business units and remote offices stay productive and connected requires on-demand, scalable and repeatable IT resources.

The hospitality industry is driven by customer satisfaction and efficient services. Hotel businesses tend to purchase complex on-premises technology systems that become obsolete in a matter of years, forcing companies to spend big dollars to keep up with the newest technology. Our cloud solution lets you virtualize your IT infrastructure to reduce up-front costs, access business applications and reservation systems anywhere on any device, and improve guest experience and employee collaboration in every sector.

Cloud Government is designed especially for ease of management and exclusive security. Sensitive information is accessible to only those with credentials within a secure, private cloud environment. CloudGov is the ideal solution for an industry relying on constant communication and accessibility for employees across the country and abroad.

Some of the biggest concerns for financial businesses are data security and compliance issues. With Cloud Financial, you will have access to enterprise-grade security to keep sensitive data confidential, all while improving agility and collaboration between your employees and clients and increasing business opportunities in new markets.

With RapidScale’s Cloud SMB solutions, you will experience the convenience of having the smallest amount of downtime in the market. When you’re running smoothly, all you have to focus on are your customers.

Managed Cloud for Every Vertical

RapidScale's solutions can complement any business, from any industry. Our managed offering and comprehensive cloud roadmaps allow for a simple migration to the cloud.

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