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RapidScale’s Managed Cloud for SMBs

Virtual Desktop

The interface of CloudOffice runs on RapidScale’s most advanced solution, our virtual desktop. Our virtual desktop is powered by the HDX protocol which delivers rich HD graphics and accelerated performance. We can package your business applications and add them to your CloudOffice. Your employees will be working in an enterprise-grade environment that is controlled and monitored 24x7x365.

Disaster Recovery

Unlike many competitive products, CloudOffice was built on a multi-tenanted Geo Load Balanced Active/Active architecture. This unique design offers several benefits to its end users but most importantly means that customers’ virtual environments are built redundantly upon one another creating the ultimate design in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Infrastructure as a Service

RapidScale’s CloudOffice solution replaces a client’s physical IT infrastructure by moving all the customer applications to the cloud. This eliminates the need for the client’s IT team to maintain and support the physical hardware. CloudOffice is fully backed by Active Directory architecture to simplify the deployment of user accounts.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Exchange within CloudOffice enables you to communicate using business-grade email while eliminating the need to upgrade and maintain a physical Exchange server. Archiving and encryption services are available for compliance and security purposes. Tailor your solutions based on your unique needs and ensure that your communications are always available.

The All-In-One Solution

RapidScale’s CloudOffice product replaces a client’s physical IT infrastructure by moving all the customer applications to the cloud. This eliminates the need for the client’s IT team to maintain and support the physical hardware. This will also minimize the workload on the customer’s finance department regarding the procurement of IT hardware and associated maintenance contracts.

Standard Package Includes:

  • (2 CPU/2GBs RAM)
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 50 GB Storage per user
Add-On Services

  • Microsoft Office Pro
  • SMB Applications
  • Shared Drive
  • Citrix ShareFile

Bring Your Own Device

Employees are more comfortable with a personal device and become experts at using it, making them more productive. Personal devices tend to be more cutting edge, so the enterprise benefits from the latest features. Also, users upgrade to the latest hardware more frequently without the organization incurring the expense.

``We Care`` Service

Our 24x7x365 domestic support centers are available day or night to answer any question that may come up. RapidScale is proud to have a 75% first call close rate and is staffed with skilled Cloud Engineers to assist you.

No Capital Expense

The beauty of the cloud is that it allows a business to move from the traditional CapEx model into a manageable OpEx model. You don’t have to purchase equipment, deal with refresh cycles, or manage software updates.

User Experience

The user experience is what drives the organization from innovation to support. We are here to exceed the expectations of every small to medium business owner looking to the cloud for their IT solutions.

Predictable Pricing

RapidScale’s cloud allows you to scale up or down based on the needs of your business. This convenience also comes with a 100% predictable monthly price per user. This way there are no surprises at the end of the month. Every bill is predictable and consistent.

Building Your Managed Cloud Solution


Includes Hosted Exchange, 50 GB per user average storage, and Microsoft Office Standard

Starting at $70

Fully loaded SMB virtual desktop offering with all the fixins for ease of use and implementation!

Standard Features

SMB Virtual Desktop Platform 100%
Microsoft Office 2013 Standard 100%
Advanced Security and Compliance 100%
Unlimited Cloud Facility Bandwidth 100%
Any Application 100%
Low-Latency Application Delivery 100%
Tier 3, Class 1 Data Centers 100%
N+1 Redundant HVAC System 100%
100% Service Level Agreement 100%
BYOD Compatible 100%
Enterprise Infrastructure 100%

Management Features

CloudOffice Management and Administration 100%
System Patching 100%
Access Licenses 100%
Monitoring 100%
Automatic System Updates 100%
24x7x365 Desktop Support 100%
New Application Installation 100%
Design, Testing, and Implementation of Applications 100%
End-User Troubleshooting 100%
CloudOffice Version Upgrades 100%

Customize Your Solution with a Fully Loaded Environment

Choose Your Options

Your Information

Key Features

    • Multi-tenant, easy to manage, and White lLabel capable
    • Onboarding new users in a point-and-click fashion
    • Simple three-step process (create customer, enable services, provision users)
    • Completely non-persistent desktop—one true “golden image” across user accounts
    • CloudOffice includes Microsoft Office, 50GB storage per user, 24x7x365 “We Care” Support, CloudCompliance, and CloudApps “Business Apps as a Service”
    • CloudApps allows customers to load their business’ mission-critical software apps to their CloudOffice environments easily and at little to no cost
    • Application store/library for quicker application packaging and provisioning
    • Integrates enterprise software package plug-ins and add-ons with full application integration

RapidScale’s CloudOffice brings the best in technology and software applications to the SMB market. Get your core line of business applications like Office 2010, Exchange 2013, ShareFile, and QuickBooks all for one cost-effective price. Additionally, we can support almost any application that runs your business and will monitor and maintain your core infrastructure: firewall, routers, switches, etc.

CloudOffice is a managed all-in-one IT solution for the SMB market. CloudOffice includes Desktop as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Business Applications as a Service, 24x7x365 Support, and “We Care” service. The goal of CloudOffice is to build an unmatched experience in the SMB market at a price point not seen for a managed all-in-one IT solution. Choose from one of our hosted voice partners, bring your business applications, and we bundle everything into CloudOffice for you. RapidScale will support it 24x7x365.

No matter the size of your business, CloudOffice is right for you. CloudOffice has a 100% Service Level Agreement, is built on enterprise-class infrastructure, and was designed to be the most advanced, user-friendly cloud service in the world.

CloudOffice is application-agnostic and does not have the inherent limitations that existing server hosted virtual desktops (SHVD) may have. A fully managed CloudCompliance application meets most enterprise compliance requirements.

BYOD: Revolutionizing Your Business

With the rapid increase of personalized technology use, a phenomenon is occurring in the workplace that is changing the way people work. This is BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device,” a policy that permits employees to use their personal computing devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones, to access company information and applications. BYOD is growing in popularity because it provides multiple benefits to businesses and freedom to users. Cloud allows companies to implement this policy while still having confidence in the security of private information.

BYOD continues to be a trending topic in the business world. It’s all about freedom, innovation and productivity. It offers employees the same experience at work as they have with their devices at home.

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Expand Your Cloud Knowledge

RapidScale’s CloudUniversity

Expand your knowledge of how the cloud works, how it can benefit your business, the different cloud solutions, and much more. RapidScale’s CloudUniversity makes it simple to develop your understanding of the cloud.

Built of the Best Solutions

CloudOffice is a secure and robust solution set combining RapidScale’s four core products and services: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Hosted Exchange. In order to provide a comprehensive solution, CloudOffice also includes Microsoft Office 2013, Exchange 2013 in its base offering. Optional products are available to enhance the solution set, including Citrix ShareFile and Wyse Zero/Thin Clients. While CloudOffice was designed with the SMB marketplace in mind, it can be utilized by businesses of any size depending on their application needs. Learn more with the rest of our CloudOffice Features.

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

Our CloudOffice product replaces a client’s physical IT infrastructure, moving all the customer applications onto RapidScale’s enterprise-grade infrastructure. This eliminates the need for the client’s IT team to maintain and support the physical hardware. This also minimizes the workload on the customer’s finance department regarding the procurement of IT hardware and associated maintenance contracts. RapidScale’s consistent hardware refresh cycles ensure that customers’ applications are running on reliable maintained equipment at all times.


Unlike many competitive products, CloudOffice was built on a multi-tenanted Geo Load Balanced Active/Active architecture. This unique design offers several benefits to its end users. Most importantly, the customer’s virtual environments are built redundantly upon one another, creating the ultimate design in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Backup and Recovery

CloudOffice also eliminates the need for customers to design and implement data backup procedures as well as Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions around IT infrastructure and company data. By design, the services are built in geographically redundant data centers in an Active/Active environment, meaning that if the primary site for the customer’s CloudOffice services were to go offline, the secondary site would initiate and all the users would be routed to that site. This architecture creates an additional benefit for customers with multiple locations across the country as well as for employees who travel. The service automatically routes the users to the data center that is closest to them geographically, providing the lowest latency route possible.

Virtual Desktops

The CloudOffice suite also provides users with virtual desktops, also referred to as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Until recently, this product was available primarily to mid-market through enterprise-sized busineses due to the amount of hardware, software, expertise and costs associated with the solution. RapidScale’s affordable solution brings this technology to businesses of all sizes to improve portability, manageability, and compatibility of desktop environments. With virtual desktops, employees can access their desktop environments from any device, anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. This increases productivity and optimizes mobility.

CloudOffice Features and Advantages

  • Access desktops and data from any device, anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Stronger IT policies and ease of implementation
  • Increased data security
  • Monthly subscription service allows for easy scaling
  • Includes Microsoft suite of products most commonly used in business
  • Reduces or eliminates software licensing management and software assurance

Microsoft Products

Small and medium-sized businesses can also depend on CloudOffice to provide them with the most popular products from Microsoft. The following products are included in the monthly subscription rate:

  • Microsoft Office 2013 with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and OneNote
  • Microsoft Exchange 2013 for email access with dozens of features


CloudOffice allows IT staff to better manage the company’s desktop and laptop life cycles and maintenance. When the computing power and storage is moved to the Cloud, the traditional desktops become a passive device just accessing the Internet through the virtual desktop. This can greatly reduce the amount of time and resources spent on keeping an aging desktop infrastructure running, not to mention the ease of implementing a new IT policy or application across the company’s desktops. From the Control Panel or through the RapidScale help desk, an administrator can enact a new policy or upgrade a program and immediately change all user profiles to comply. In the event that a user loses their laptop or their desktop implodes, no longer will that valuable data be lost, nor will that employee be unable to do their job for several hours or days. The IT staff simply assigns a new laptop or desktop and the user logs back into their virtual desktop. They can be up and running as if nothing happened.

Document Storage Solutions

Document storage solutions are now available. RapidScale manages the licensing for the client for an additional monthly fee. Citrix ShareFile and InfoPreserve are all robust document management systems that allow users to access their documents from any Internet enabled device, anywhere in the world. These collaborative solutions include customizable IT settings for document security and control as well as archiving and compliance. Sales representatives can now work on-the-go and create and alter documents, as well as acquire a digital signature to complete the deal. RapidScale is continually working to add or “package” the most popular software applications available to run in the virtual environment ranging from accounting and finance to sales and marketing, touching on applications in each department of a business.

Zero Clients and Thin Clients

For businesses looking to lower their costs on purchasing new desktops or refreshing their existing assets, CloudOffice is perfect for zero clients or thin clients. These devices are considered “dumb” terminals and basically allow an end user to connect to the Internet and the virtual desktop, as well as physically connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers. These devices range in price and performance, mainly based on graphical interfaces and the number of monitors and USB connections available. The typical life cycle on these devices is five to seven years. However, if one were to fail, they are very easy to replace. By keeping a spare or two on-site, businesses could greatly shorten downtime in the event of a failure

CloudOffice Tech Specs

  • No setup fee
  • Easy-to-use Web interface
  • Superior customer support 24x7x365
  • Per user minimum for a dedicated server is 5 users
  • Each additional server is $195 per month for 2 CPU/4 GB RAM
  • For additional programs such as Adobe, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, etc., contact RapidScale Sales at 866-371-1355

There are several layers to our CloudOffice platform, most of which share a common genome with our CloudDesktop product set. Allow our CloudOffice Tech Specs to explain more. Our CloudOffice infrastructure consists of the following layers from hardware to presentation:

Application Orchestration: XenApp 6.5, ThinApp, and Numecent

  • We utilize several tools for application management, including XenApp application and desktop orchestration, along with ThinApp and Numecent application packaging delivery platforms. For desktop access we use Citrix ICA protocol which has developed a reputation as the most efficient protocol in the industry, providing a premium end-user experience at just over 100kbps of network utilization. XenApp allows us to efficiently manage large application presentation farms. Citrix offers its own packaging solution that we use to stream different applications that are best suited to this utility. ThinApp and Numecent offer a more robust, in-depth packaging solution than the Citrix utility and have the ability to sandbox the “appdata local” folder and other folder data locations by creating a true sandbox. Numecent actually takes things a step further by intercepting system calls and integrating applications at a kernel level.

Applications: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Acrobat, etc.

  • The entire purpose of all the layers is to host and maintain the application layer. Our default CloudOffice package comes with Microsoft Office 2013 Standard. CloudOffice also comes with all of the typical add-ons needed for a traditional Windows experience like Java, Flash, Silverlight, AV and AM protection, etc. Thanks to the recent improvements in application packaging technology, we have the ability to package complex applications with in-depth licensing procedures to allow a much wider variety of applications to be integrated into our environment. In the near future, this will include plug-in streaming on a per-user basis, allowing a truly emulated workstation environment.

Physical Hardware: Blade servers, 10Gb fabric interconnects, border routers, SAN arrays

  • Blade Servers: The vast majority of our infrastructure runs on Cisco UCS Blade Chassis. Cisco’s unified computing solutions give us the control and flexibility that we need to operate an enterprise-grade environment while still giving us the flexibility to introduce different hardware vendors down the line when the hardware market changes. The CloudOffice cluster runs on dual octo-core Intel Xeon processors with at least 256GB of RAM per blade.
  • Fabric Interconnects: Our entire virtualized infrastructure is tied together with Cisco 10 gigabit fabric interconnects, specifically designed for tying high performance computing systems together. These are all managed through the Cisco UCS Manager, and by hand from a command line interface when necessary. Careful planning by our certified and experienced architects ensures that utilization never exceeds 80% of network capacity or any other resource, ensuring that there’s always plenty of capacity for your applications.
  • Border Routers: We use Cisco routers as gateways into our infrastructure. Our border routers are specifically configured and templated for later use with the specific purpose of ensuring efficient communication, as well as preventing and neutralizing a variety of attacks from malicious organizations.
  • SAN Arrays: RapidScale’s storage infrastructure is built completely on NetApp controllers and storage shelves. NetApp’s unique and innovative file system allows for the highest level of performance available on the market by managing its own filing system and offloading administrative functions onto the SAN, thus freeing up compute on the rest of the infrastructure. We utilize SATA, SAS, and SSD storage platforms to allow clients to choose between a performance or a cost effective solution that best fits your applications. CloudOffice runs entirely on SATA which provides more than enough bandwidth for the application demands of these products.

Virtual Hardware: VMware hypervisor

  • VMware Hypervisor: Like the rest of the products we choose to run in our infrastructure, VMware dominates its industry in terms of performance, flexibility, and an intuitive management system that is persistently updated with widespread improvements with each iteration. VMware meets and exceeds our needs for a reliable and intelligent virtual server management system that gracefully integrates redundancy, failover, and high availability, even when spread out over large geographical areas. VMware gives us the ability to set reservation pools for dedicated performance or release your organization into our load-balanced public resources cluster, allowing for large bursts of performance when high demand is placed on the system.

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems

  • The Windows operating systems single-handedly changed the face of the computing industry about 20 years ago with the graphical user interface being deployed in an enterprise solution for businesses. To this day, Windows represents a common medium from which users can interact with systems and feel comfortable carrying out their daily tasks. Avoid sending users into culture shock by replacing that common look and feel with a proprietary operating system. By using Windows operating systems, we can ensure compatibility with the vast majority of enterprise application systems. Windows is already designed and built to provide a secure and reliable enterprise-grade experience, while providing the tools to ensure maximum productivity.

How CloudOffice Works

RapidScale will engage the customer and their IT support in an in-depth review of the customer’s current IT environment including server specifications, applications in use from a server and desktop environment, desktop and laptop inventory, data storage requirements, and connectivity to the site locations. Upon completion of the review, RapidScale and the customer will map out a migration and training plan agreed upon by all stakeholders.

RapidScale provisions the users and services in the virtual environment and sends the user credentials to the predetermined customer lead or to all individual users. Upon receipt, end users install the Citrix receiver on their desktop/laptop/thin client/tablet/etc. and access the virtual environment via an Internet session. The desktop needs to be customized just as if the end user had been provided with a new workstation. The end user is now able to access preloaded applications and work as if on their physical laptop except their data is not yet available. At this point, end users can copy and paste their data from their physical desktop to the virtual desktop and begin working as usual.

Once all users have been set up in their virtual desktops, the customer and RapidScale will agree to a “go live” date when the customer’s email will be redirected to the RapidScale mail server and all email data will be migrated to new email server. RapidScale offers professional services to migrate customer data and provides a Cloud Concierge service to set up end users.

What is the difference between CloudOffice and a regular desktop?

There are many differentiators including advanced security, redundancy, manageability, and more. RapidScale’s CloudOffice product replaces a client’s physical IT infrastructure by moving all the customer’s applications to the Cloud. This eliminates the need for the client’s IT team to maintain and support the physical hardware. We can also package your business applications and add them to your CloudOffice. Your employees will be working in an enterprise-grade environment that is controlled and monitored 24x7x365. Additionally, all your data will be backed up in the cloud securely. With our CloudOffice, you will have solutions that support collaboration and mobile workforces from any device, with any app, anywhere.

What does CloudOffice include?

CloudOffice includes a virtual desktop environment with 1 CPU/4GBs RAM. It also includes a full office solution of applications including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, unlimited bandwidth within the data center, and unlimited document storage.

We host our mail system on-site now, how do we move everything to the cloud?

As a customer you have the choice to research and execute your own migration plan or have us take care of everything for you. We have all of the tools and resources necessary to move all of your current mail to our environment seamlessly and with little to no effort on your part. For more questions and answers regarding mail migration, please see the Q & A’s for CloudMail for more information.

How do I know that all my data is secure?

RapidScale delivers nothing but the highest quality protection for your data and information. We’ve equipped ourselves with the best in breed data centers to hold your sensitive information for safe, encrypted storage in our SAS70, SSAE 16 Tier 3, Class 1 Data Centers.

What is the setup process for CloudOffice?

At the infrastructure level, CloudOffice is fully backed by Active Directory architecture to simplify the deployment of user accounts. With our front-end control panel, even non-technical clerical and HR workers have the ability to easily spin up user accounts and provision users with a Desktop, Mailbox, Applications, and File Permissions in one fluid and smooth process using a “next, next, finish” procedure. Built on the same technology as our CloudDesktop platform, rich HD graphics,and a seamless end user experience are just a few of the front facing benefits of our CloudOffice product offering.

What is the ideal size customer for CloudOffice?

10 or more users – no maximum size.

Do I have to pay for licensing?

All licensing is included for the applications provided in CloudOffice. Additional applications can be evaluated to be included in the virtual desktop environment at the customer’s request. The customer is responsible for providing licensing for additional applications.

Can I run CloudOffice on any device?

Yes. All devices that can connect to the internet and support the Citrix receiver (either via desktop browser or via the downloadable App – i.e. Apple App Store or Google Play Store) are available to run CloudOffice.

What are the requirements for CloudOffice?

CloudOffice is a fully functioning and stable desktop that can replace traditional physical hardware. The only requirements to run CloudOffice are a stable internet connection with at least 100 kb/user.

Can I run CloudOffice on a thin/zero client?

Yes, any device that can connect to the Internet can run CloudOffice.

How much document storage is included with CloudOffice?

CloudOffice comes with unlimited storage within the virtual environment.

*Unlimited storage is based on an average amount of user data which is capped out at 50 MB/user. Storage can be pooled within an organization.

What if I have other apps not already included in CloudOffice?

RapidScale is proud to offer the ability to virtualize almost any business application on the market. If you have a specific application that you would like to include in your virtual environment, please contact your CloudEngineer for evaluation of the application. The user is responsible for an additional licensing per application virtualized for CloudOffice.