is a new approach to Business Applications and IT services.

RapidScale’s CloudOffice brings the best in technology and software applications to the SMB market. Get your core line of business applications like Office 1610, Exchange 1610, SharePoint, ShareFile, and QuickBooks all for one cost effective price. Additionally, we can support almost any application that runs your business and will monitor and maintain your core infrastructure: firewall, routers, switches, etc.

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Virtual Desktop

The interface of CloudOffice runs on RapidScale’s most advanced solution, our virtual desktop. Our virtual desktop is powered by the HDX protocol which delivers rich HD graphics and accelerated performance. We can package your business applications and add them to your CloudOffice. Your employees will be working in an enterprise-grade environment that is controlled and monitored 24x7x365.

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Disaster Recovery

Unlike many competitive products, CloudOffice was built on a multi-tenanted Geo Load Balanced Active/Active architecture. This unique design offers several benefits to its end users but most importantly means that customers’ virtual environments are built redundantly upon one another creating the ultimate design in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

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Infrastructure as a Service

RapidScale’s CloudOffice solution replaces a client’s physical IT infrastructure by moving all the customer applications to the Cloud. This eliminates the need for the client’s IT team to maintain and support the physical hardware. CloudOffice is fully backed by Active Directory architecture to simplify the deployment of user accounts.

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Exchange within CloudOffice enables you to communicate using business-grade email while eliminating the need to upgrade and maintain a physical Exchange server. Archiving and encryption services are available for compliance and security purposes. Tailor your solutions based on your unique needs and ensure that your communications are always available.

What makes CloudOffice Different?

CloudOffice is a managed all-in-one IT solution for the SMB market. CloudOffice includes Desktop as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Business Applications as a Service, 24x7x365 Support, and “We Care” service. The goal of CloudOffice was to build an unmatched experience in the SMB market at a price point not seen for a managed all-in-one IT solution. Choose from one of our hosted voice partners, bring your business applications, and we bundle everything into CloudOffice for you and RapidScale will support it 24x7x365.

CloudOffice is the future of cloud computing.

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White Glove Service

RapidScale is proud to offer “We Care” Service for every one of our clients. This means that we’ll make sure your transition to the cloud is as smooth and seamless as possible.

No Capital Expense

The beauty of the cloud is that it allows a business to move from the traditional CapEx model into a manageable OpEx model. You don’t have to purchase equipment, deal with refresh cycles, or manage software updates.

Flat Rate Pricing

RapidScale’s cloud allows you to scale up or down based on the needs of your business. This convenience also comes with a 100% predictable monthly price per user. This way there are no surprises at the end of the month, every bill is predictable and consistent.

“We Care” Service

Our 24x7x365 domestic support centers are available day or night to answer any question that may come up. RapidScale is proud to have a 75% first call close rate and are staffed with skilled Cloud Engineers to assist you.

User Experience

The user experience is what drives the organization from innovation to support. We are here to exceed the expectations of every small to medium business owner looking to the cloud for their IT solutions.

How Does CloudOffice Stack up?

Amazon Web Services

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See the Comparison See the Comparison


Is CloudOffice Right for Your Business?

How big is your business?

No matter the size of your business, CloudOffice is right for you. CloudOffice has a 100% Service Level Agreement, is built on enterprise-class infrastructure, and was designed to be the most advanced user friendly cloud service in the world.


No Staff limited full staff

No IT Staff?

Limited IT Staff?

Full IT Staff?

You’re likely spending too much time trying to manage your IT business or support what someone else has built. With CloudOffice, RapidScale makes sure you’re always up and running so that you can focus on your core business, not IT. They’re likely stretched trying to support an under-budgeted IT infrastructure. With IT needs now being 24x7x365, limited budget IT teams are failing to meet the needs of their business. If you’re part of a limited IT staff, an owner of a company, or a CFO, CloudOffice is the first solution you should be looking at when looking to the cloud. It’s OpEx based, not meant to eliminate IT staff, and is the first solution for the SMB market that provides a true ROI for a business. CloudOffice is a perfect platform for you. We built this to hand you the most advanced all-in-one IT solution. All of our systems are built to provide IT teams to manage CloudOffice if they so choose. If you need after hours help, we are there for you. If you need to package and test a new business application, we’re there for you. If you need to scale down the amount of users, the tools at your fingertips or you can contact us. If you need to scale up quickly, CloudOffice is your answer.


How Does Pricing Work?

CloudOffice provides businesses with a fixed monthly per user cost. You don’t have to buy, install or manage anything, and you get one single invoice.

Need questions answered? We are there for you.

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RapidScale’s CloudOffice product replaces a client’s physical IT infrastructure by moving all the customer applications to the Cloud. This eliminates the need for the client’s IT team to maintain and support the physical hardware. This will also minimize the workload on the customer’s finance department regarding the procurement of IT hardware and associated maintenance contracts.


What Do You Get with CloudOffice?

Key Features

    • Multi-tenant, easy to manage, and white label capable
    • Onboarding new tenants in a point-and-click fashion
    • Simple three-step process (create customer, enable services, provision users)
    • Completely non-persistent desktop—one true “golden image” across user accounts
    • CloudStrength by RapidScale allows IT managers the ability to actively monitor real-time performance of their users’ desktops
    • CloudOffice includes Microsoft Office, MS Lync, unlimited storage, 24x7x365 We Care Support, Adobe Suite, CloudCompliance, MS SharePoint, Citrix ShareFile and CloudApps “Business Apps as a Service”
    • CloudApps allows customers to load their business mission-critical software apps to their CloudOffice environments easily and at little to no cost
    • Application store/library for quicker application packaging and provisioning
    • Integrates enterprise software package plug-ins and add-ons with full application integration

Customer Benefits

CloudOffice is application-agnostic and does not have the inherent limitations that existing server hosted virtual desktops (SHVD) may have. A fully managed CloudCompliance application meets most enterprise compliance requirements.

CloudOffice Device Image samsung

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