Cloud for Hospitality RapidScale Managed Cloud Computing Solutions for Business


Cloud for Hospitality RapidScale Managed Cloud Services for Businesses

The hospitality industry is driven by customer satisfaction and efficient services. Hotel businesses tend to purchase complex on-premises technology systems that become obsolete in a matter of years, forcing companies to spend big dollars to keep up with the newest technology. Our CloudHospitality solution lets you virtualize your IT infrastructure to reduce upfront costs, access business applications and reservation systems anywhere on any device, and improve guest experience and employee collaboration in every sector.

Enhancing the Hospitality Industry with Managed Cloud Solutions

Customer Service

The success of a hotel business depends on the satisfaction of their customers. Customers want access to the fastest technology at their fingertips. If a customer is unhappy with their first stay at a hotel, chances are they won’t want to return. Hotels need to keep up on the latest technology to fulfill their customers’ wants and needs and maintain a positive reputation across all locations.

High IT Costs

Traditionally the hospitality industry required on-premises IT equipment and network infrastructure, leading to higher costs and maintenance needs. Hotels would hold off on purchasing new equipment until their system’s capacity was reached, rendering the infrastructure inadequate and forcing hotels to purchase an entirely new system. This inefficient model caused hotels to spend more than necessary to maintain the size of their growing businesses.

Detailed Logistics

Hotels rely heavily on the accuracy and efficiency of reservation systems. It is important for hotels to maintain an accurate software system where guests can reserve rooms and book appointments and services. If these applications are not constantly up to date, costly mistakes are more likely to occur.


Many hotel chains need to manage properties in multiple locations. Hotels need to maintain a certain level of consistency to keep customers happy. If hotel chains can’t keep up constant collaboration and communication between properties, it is difficult to maintain consistency across all sectors.


Instead of purchasing new servers and equipment to keep up with growing technology capacity needs, hotels can reduce the need for physical equipment and drastically cut costs with cloud computing. The cloud doesn’t require any upfront software or hardware costs, and reduces overall application maintenance over time. Your business can devote more time and money towards improving customer service rather than technology and infrastructure management.

Hotels can develop a more intimate and longer lasting connection with their customers through CloudHospitality. The cloud makes it easy to collect customer data and offer personalized services to meet each customer’s needs. Customers can access restaurant ordering systems, spa and salon appointments, and other amenities on their own devices. With the cloud, you can maintain customer relationships before, during, and after their stay.

The cloud makes it easy for hotel employees to manage and access guest information faster than ever. The cloud can be used for inventory tracking, processing guest orders, handling maintenance issues, and more. Employees can also manage reservation systems, housekeeping services, amenities, and more on any device at any time, insuring your team is always one step ahead.

Our CloudHospitality solution offers the latest and greatest technology for your business. Moving your IT equipment and infrastructure off-site will give your hotel greater agility and room to expand at your own pace. The money you save on IT resources can be delegated to the sectors that matter most, including marketing and customer service.

CloudApps Integration

CloudApps simplifies application purchasing and license management for your business. RapidScale offers some of the most commonly used business apps, and also allows you to integrate your existing applications into the cloud. We can support 97% of business applications on the market, including:

Hotel Property Management Software

  • MSI
  • Micros
  • eZee Technosys

Accounting Software

  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Dynamics
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Cloud Security

RapidScale offers the highest quality protection for your data and information in our secure, redundant and geographically-diverse data centers. With our SAS70, SSAE 16 Tier 3 data centers, your sensitive information will remain safe and secure at all times. All of RapidScale’s data centers feature on-premises security guards, an exterior security system, biometric security systems including palm scanners, and constant digital surveillance and recording. Our data centers are engineered to the highest of standards in order to assure your business is running 24x7x365. RapidScale’s certified network experts are trained to the highest industry standards and are available around-the-clock, insuring you always have someone to turn to with questions or concerns.


Great customer service used to simply rely on friendly phrases and efficient service. As long as the team was polite and accommodating, guests likely had a happy experience. Today, that’s no longer the case, as the growth of technology has affected businesses in all industries. Now, customer service depends on so much more and its success is based on the technology made available to guests. The hospitality industry is quickly realizing its need for greater operational efficiency and improved customer service that acknowledges this increased use of technology. Not only do Wi-Fi needs have to be met, but guests are also expecting extra online tools and personalized services.

Many hospitality organizations have already made the move to cloud computing, as they’ve realized it can improve the end-user experience while also improving spending and overall internal efficiency. The hospitality industry has never before had a solid, scalable solution that helps businesses avoid spending too much initially on equipment that soon becomes inadequate.

See What our Customers are Saying

  • With this kind of support how could someone not love RapidScale. The bar has been set pretty high!!!

  • Sent a ticket for a server being unresponsive and received a call within a few minutes.  Great response and resolution.

  • I believe the technician’s name was David. He was very pro-active on a Saturday. Got the issue resolved quickly. High marks.

  • Thanks for the quick response and resolution!  and I appreciate the fact that the tech gave information about what the problem was, how it was fixed, etc.  That is always better than a simple “its now fixed”.

  • The level of service that we have received from RapidScale has been completely awesome.  All of our IT team and the owner has commented on it.  You guys are doing a fantastic job!

  • It’s been great so far having RapidScale host our email. We had it in-house before and that was just may more trouble than it was worth.

  • We’ve been extremely pleased with the service and customer support RapidScale has provided us. We don’t have a large IT staff and so the ability to lean on them has been perfect.

  • We’ve now transferred almost our entire company into RapidScale’s cloud. We started with just our email – we moved from in-house to hosted – then we moved the rest of our servers into the RapidScale cloud and now we’re in the final stages of implementing our virtual desktops! It’s really incredible to have everything running in the cloud and to have it all be so easy!

  • Working with RapidScale has been great so far. Our organization had a lot of our servers in-house and it was such a pain. It’s 1,000 times better now that we moved it all to the cloud.

  • RapidScale quite literally re-invented our IT situation. It was a complete mess before and we are absolutely THRILLED with everything that they’ve helped us to accomplish. Our network runs smoother and our virtual environments are the best addition we’ve made in a very long time.

  • The whole “cloud” thing was incredibly daunting when we first started exploring it for our business. We didn’t really understand the way everything worked and how it was going to help us get past some of the technology speed bumps we had. I worked with the RapidScale sales team and they were really very helpful and made me completely comfortable with the solution. We’ve been running on the CloudOffice interface for about 4 months now and are 100% satisfied and so happy we made the choice to move to RapidScale.

  • RapidScale helped to not only significantly lower our costs, but to help make our work environment more productive as well as more reliable and stable.

  • I LOVE THIS TECHNOLOGY.  I am so excited to be in this new phase within our organization. As a proud partner of RapidScale, this week alone I’ve dealt with 3 major consultations in Colorado with hundreds of employees each! This technology is truly exciting stuff.  They make the process so easy, from training, to quoting, to installation! I LOVE HOW EASY THAT WAS.  Amazing.  You all ROCK!

  • Thanks again and we look forward to staying with Rapidscale for a long time to come.

  • RapidScale provided us with the idea Hybrid Cloud solution for our firm and allowed us to have mobility and reliability that we were previously lacking. We also got the security of full data redundancy between RapidScale’s data centers, which eliminated the concern of a server failing and losing our years of data.

  • We were not only able to quantify the cost savings for the company with RapidScale, but we were also given new capabilities when trying to establish accurate Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).

  • During National Health IT Week, we recognized you for leveraging technology to support and improve our healthcare systems. By ensuring that our health information technology is integrated, interactive, interoperable, and intelligent, you help improve the quality of healthcare delivery, increased patient safety, and strengthen the interaction between patients and their healthcare providers. Thank you for all you do to enhance our operations and support patient care and safety

  • Overall, RapidScale provided us with an ideal hybrid Cloud solution for our organization and allowed us to have mobility and reliability that we were critically lacking before. We deal with a lot of power outages so it’s remarkable that we have the convenience of full redundancy between RapidScale’s data centers, which eliminated the concern of a server failing during one of our power outages and potentially losing our data.

  • I will say that I highly recommend RapidScale because of the level of service and response I have had with them. I will also say that the level of personal attention/interaction that I have been able to maintain with them has been a critical point in my decision to remain with them even when other companies have approached me with options to change.