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Cloud for Retail RapidScale Managed Cloud Services for Businesses

Retail companies depend on having constant access to information in real-time to keep up with customers’ increasing demands. RapidScale’s CloudRetail solution can help your business improve inventory and database accessibility and grow customer relationship management faster than ever. The cloud is the perfect solution to optimize your in-store experience and keep customers coming back for more.

Enhancing the Retail Industry with Managed Cloud Solutions

Inventory Access

Customers expect to find the products they want in a timely manner. Retail employees need to have easy access to storage room databases and online inventories in order to locate a specific product a customer is looking for. There is an increasing demand for retailers to be able to access these inventories at the push of a button, and a reliable infrastructure is necessary to make that happen.

Network Capacity

Busy holidays and shopping seasons can often send a retail store’s network into overdrive, causing application systems to slow down or become glitchy. The risk of network downtime in a store during a rush can damage sales and create long-lasting problems for retail businesses.

Supply Chain Management

Many retailers manage multiple locations across a region or country. Retail supply chains require consistent collaboration between all major players to adequately manage production, deliveries, stock numbers and more. With the vast amount of information being handled, even one small mistake in the chain can have a devastating consequence on a retail business.

Customer Data Security

Retail stores often access and collect customer information through loyalty programs and credit card payment data. Security breaches have allowed hackers to steal private customer data including credit card numbers, addresses, and more from large retailers. Many customers are hesitant to sign up for loyalty programs in fear that their private information is susceptible to hackers.


The cloud can drastically improve the mobile point-of-sale experience. Your employees will no longer be confined to the cash register. Instead, employees can search inventories, complete sales, and more from any mobile device, increasing productivity storewide. You can also stay current on your daily sales and stats in real-time. With CloudRetail, maintaining customer relationships has never been easier.

Our CloudRetail platform can expedite the process of managing international shipments, capturing real-time status information, and digitalizing documents between all major company players. CloudRetail can help improve visibility into your company’s inventory and across all transport modes, from the initial order to final destination. Collaboration and communication will greatly benefit from the cloud.

Our cost-effective, pay-as-you-go cloud solution will help your business save money where it counts. With the cloud, you can lower fixed costs by taking away the need to maintain expensive on-site servers. RapidScale’s services run off our own infrastructure, which we purchase, store and maintain. CloudRetail can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of your growing business.

RapidScale’s state-of-the-art cloud technology will provide your business with a stable network that can manage customers’ demands during a busy rush without glitching or slowing down. Our cloud solution ensures that your business will be able to withstand even the busiest shopping times. Our secure infrastructure also offers the highest quality protection for company and customer data.

CloudApps Integration

CloudApps simplifies application purchasing and license management for your business. RapidScale offers some of the most commonly used business apps, and also allows you to integrate your existing applications into the cloud. We can support 97% of business applications on the market, including:

CRM Software

  • Salesforce
  • Infusionsoft

POS Software

  • Lightspeed Retail
  • Revel Systems

Accounting Software

  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Dynamics
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Cloud Security

RapidScale offers the highest quality protection for your data and information in our secure, redundant and geographically-diverse data centers. With our SAS70, SSAE 16 Tier 3 data centers, your sensitive information will remain safe and secure at all times. All of RapidScale’s data centers feature on-premises security guards, an exterior security system, biometric security systems including palm scanners, and constant digital surveillance and recording. Our data centers are engineered to the highest of standards in order to assure your business is running 24x7x365. RapidScale’s certified network experts are trained to the highest industry standards and are available around-the-clock, insuring you always have someone to turn to with questions or concerns.


Retailers today are on board with cloud computing because of the immense opportunities it presents. Retailers can experience lower IT costs, greater innovation, efficiency and scalability, while also gaining valuable insights from powerful data analytics systems. According to Accenture, the four main areas in which cloud is a disruptive force are channel operations, merchandising and marketing, supply chain, and sales support.

Retailers place a lot of importance on reputation and customer perception – both of which can be positively maintained with the cloud. Mobile, social and e-commerce are extremely popular today, and all of them affect retail. Retailers can take advantage of these trends using cloud computing technology.

Some of the biggest retailers today already have their heads in the cloud. Target, Nordstrom, Walmart and Waitrose have already made the move, and companies like Whole Foods Market, Shop Direct and Sport Pursuit are well on their way.

See What our Customers are Saying

  • With this kind of support how could someone not love RapidScale. The bar has been set pretty high!!!

  • Sent a ticket for a server being unresponsive and received a call within a few minutes.  Great response and resolution.

  • I believe the technician’s name was David. He was very pro-active on a Saturday. Got the issue resolved quickly. High marks.

  • Thanks for the quick response and resolution!  and I appreciate the fact that the tech gave information about what the problem was, how it was fixed, etc.  That is always better than a simple “its now fixed”.

  • The level of service that we have received from RapidScale has been completely awesome.  All of our IT team and the owner has commented on it.  You guys are doing a fantastic job!

  • It’s been great so far having RapidScale host our email. We had it in-house before and that was just may more trouble than it was worth.

  • We’ve been extremely pleased with the service and customer support RapidScale has provided us. We don’t have a large IT staff and so the ability to lean on them has been perfect.

  • We’ve now transferred almost our entire company into RapidScale’s cloud. We started with just our email – we moved from in-house to hosted – then we moved the rest of our servers into the RapidScale cloud and now we’re in the final stages of implementing our virtual desktops! It’s really incredible to have everything running in the cloud and to have it all be so easy!

  • Working with RapidScale has been great so far. Our organization had a lot of our servers in-house and it was such a pain. It’s 1,000 times better now that we moved it all to the cloud.

  • RapidScale quite literally re-invented our IT situation. It was a complete mess before and we are absolutely THRILLED with everything that they’ve helped us to accomplish. Our network runs smoother and our virtual environments are the best addition we’ve made in a very long time.

  • The whole “cloud” thing was incredibly daunting when we first started exploring it for our business. We didn’t really understand the way everything worked and how it was going to help us get past some of the technology speed bumps we had. I worked with the RapidScale sales team and they were really very helpful and made me completely comfortable with the solution. We’ve been running on the CloudOffice interface for about 4 months now and are 100% satisfied and so happy we made the choice to move to RapidScale.

  • RapidScale helped to not only significantly lower our costs, but to help make our work environment more productive as well as more reliable and stable.

  • I LOVE THIS TECHNOLOGY.  I am so excited to be in this new phase within our organization. As a proud partner of RapidScale, this week alone I’ve dealt with 3 major consultations in Colorado with hundreds of employees each! This technology is truly exciting stuff.  They make the process so easy, from training, to quoting, to installation! I LOVE HOW EASY THAT WAS.  Amazing.  You all ROCK!

  • Thanks again and we look forward to staying with Rapidscale for a long time to come.

  • RapidScale provided us with the idea Hybrid Cloud solution for our firm and allowed us to have mobility and reliability that we were previously lacking. We also got the security of full data redundancy between RapidScale’s data centers, which eliminated the concern of a server failing and losing our years of data.

  • We were not only able to quantify the cost savings for the company with RapidScale, but we were also given new capabilities when trying to establish accurate Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).

  • During National Health IT Week, we recognized you for leveraging technology to support and improve our healthcare systems. By ensuring that our health information technology is integrated, interactive, interoperable, and intelligent, you help improve the quality of healthcare delivery, increased patient safety, and strengthen the interaction between patients and their healthcare providers. Thank you for all you do to enhance our operations and support patient care and safety

  • Overall, RapidScale provided us with an ideal hybrid Cloud solution for our organization and allowed us to have mobility and reliability that we were critically lacking before. We deal with a lot of power outages so it’s remarkable that we have the convenience of full redundancy between RapidScale’s data centers, which eliminated the concern of a server failing during one of our power outages and potentially losing our data.

  • I will say that I highly recommend RapidScale because of the level of service and response I have had with them. I will also say that the level of personal attention/interaction that I have been able to maintain with them has been a critical point in my decision to remain with them even when other companies have approached me with options to change.