Access Your Desktop from Anywhere

and from any device


Built for the Enterprise

with government-grade security and encryption


Secure and Compliant

for even the most sensitive data


Pro-Actively Protecting Your Data

with the best RTO and RPO Disaster Recovery


Built for Education

with secure access for students anywhere in the world


Managed Cloud Solutions for Business


Introducing CloudUniversity


The Industry’s First Sales Partner Cloud Certification Program


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Managed Cloud Pricing


RapidScale CloudDesktop Pricing Matrix Desktop as a Service RapidScale Enterprise CloudMail Pricing Matrix Hosted Microsoft Exchange RapidScale CloudMailPricing Matrix Hosted Microsoft Exchange RapidScale CloudOffice Pricing Matrix SMB Desktop as a Service RapidScale CloudRecovery Pricing Matrix Disaster Recovery as a Service RapidScale CloudServer Pricing Matrix Infrastructure as a Service
CloudDesktop Enterprise CloudMail CloudMail CloudOffice CloudRecovery CloudServer


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