Cloud Support Manager, Ryan Turpin, jumped on board with RapidScale and has expanded Help Desk services, making RapidScale an efficient and customer-oriented company. With the rise in cloud technology, cloud support has become a vital part of RapidScale.

How does RapidScale offer help desk solutions to their clients and where do they see the benefits?

We offer help desk solutions to RapidScale clients by providing a customer portal where customers are able to log in and manage their own environments. It is interactive with RapidScale’s support team as well as the on-site support staff. I see this being beneficial to our clients because it gives white label partners and insight as to current and historical ticket information.

Why is having an internal-based help desk an essential part of RapidScale?

An internal-based help desk is an essential part of RapidScale because RapidScale is able to have a local database where everyone can reference historical information and serves as a knowledge base for not only our support staff, but also our customers who can have a reference to troubleshoot their issues too.

How does the customer support that the team provides increase customer loyalty and satisfaction?

RapidScale strives to maintain a high rate of customer satisfaction and has achieved 96% customer satisfaction, which is directly related to our customer-first approach and customer outreach when problems occur. Our goal is to call each customer to eliminate back and forth emails that are common with customer service ticketing solutions. This creates many first-call resolutions, and we strive to maintain this customer-oriented approach.

What sort of customer satisfaction projects have you undertaken to improve customer experience?

We issue a survey with every support ticket that is closed. The survey includes simple “Are you satisfied with the support you received” questions, in addition to a comments section. I utilize the information given in the comments section in order to create improvements that will satisfy future clients. When we receive an unsatisfied ticket, I personally reach out to the customer to better understand why they are unsatisfied, and what we can do to better improve their experience. Since we launched this customer-based survey, we have had no unsatisfied repeats after contacting the user.

How do you see the Help Desk’s workflow process improving in the next few years?

Help Desk’s workflow process will improve in the next few years by eliminating multiple platforms as we are able to streamline not only our CRM and project management, but also our knowledge base and our support portal. Bringing all those together with the same interface is increasing productivity for both our team and our customers.

How will RapidScale’s upcoming successes in the next few years impact help desk productivity?

RapidScale has a great scaling model. In weekly meetings, we are able to estimate the required support team to handle onboarding customers, and hire appropriately. They come in at entry-level positions, but we are able to map them into engineering roles, making a driven team that is motivated to learn and develop their skills.

What ways does RapidScale utilize the Help Desk operations to ensure security for clients?

We have a two-step authentication process for our users to log in to the portal. Additionally, we do not store any critical or sensitive information such as credit card information or passwords in the Help Desk. We are able to eliminate that and store that in a separate database.

With the growth of the cloud computing industry and RapidScale, do you see managed Help Desk services expanding as well?

Absolutely. Since I joined the RapidScale’s team, we have grown exponentially and are striving to expand to the eastern and central market to better support customers across the United States, as well as internationally. With Help Desk services expanding with the growth of the cloud computing industry, RapidScale can be more efficient and offer more support to its clients.

Gartner estimates there are 13 help desk support personnel supporting 1,000 company employees, or one help desk headcount for every 79 company employees. Do you believe this estimate is correct and how do you see customers struggling with that fact?

I believe this estimate is accurate because Help Desk operations serve as the end-user support. With a large enterprise company, we can eliminate 8-10 Help Desk users by utilizing RapidScale’s team, making Help Desk services more efficient.

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