On January 4th, RapidScale kicked off our full 2017 webinar series talking about cloud selling tips and our corporate changes in the new year. If you missed out, catch up below! You can also watch the recording here.

In 2017, cloud computing is continuing with a head of steam and the numbers are showing it will not let up. We have compiled a list of instrumental tips to sell RapidScale cloud services so that you do not miss the momentum!

Selling Tips

Emphasize Cloud Management:

Recent surveys have uncovered a minor hiccup in the movement to cloud. They have found that nearly 50% of IT decision makers believe that their workforce is unprepared to address the challenges of managing their own cloud resources. Overall, IT departments are expected to do more with less and it is increasing the pressure on these individuals across the corporate world.

Outsourcing is seen as a solution to this problem but the term itself has mixed sentiments. This should not be the case. It is incredibly beneficial in cutting costs, increasing efficiencies, and adding competencies to any IT department. An outsourced cloud manager can act as just an extension of your IT department depending on your preference, which is what RapidScale provides to any valued end-user for a low price. As you may know, clients are empowered to tailor how much of their services will be managed. Typically, SMBs would not be able to afford these benefits. Make sure you do not gloss over management, which truly sets RapidScale apart from its competitors.

Emphasize Redundancy:

In today’s IT environment, downtime is not an option and RapidScale lives by this notion for our end-users. Our Tier 3 data centers are set up with the industry’s latest technology, including Cisco’s Flexpod, NetApp’s All Flash storage, and redundancy. In addition, it is important to speak to the fact that our environment goes above and beyond the call for physical security. There really is no one point that could cause system failure. All of RapidScale’s data centers feature premium fire suppression systems, biometric entry scanners, on-premises security guards, secured cages, and environmental controls.

Elevate Your Sales Game:

It’s all about solution selling vs. transactional selling. Here at RapidScale, there is a consensus on an approach to selling cloud in today’s economy: solution selling. Instead of engaging in a one-and-done sale with end-users, solution selling offers a way for a sales executive to enter into a conversation with the entire C-suite. Cloud sellers can deep dive with the boardroom to find out how an entire IT suite can be leveraged to better their profitability and efficiency.

In addition to this shift in sales strategy, RapidScale recommends that you bring in one of our expert Channel Managers during solution selling. Our numbers show that when RapidScale’s Channel Managers are involved in selling to a given lead, that lead is closed 40% of the time.

Empathize on Security and Compliance:

As anyone reading this can attest, the transition to cloud can bring anxieties and tribulations to any organization. Two of the biggest fears usually revolve around security and compliance for companies from certain industries. When you are selling RapidScale, be absolutely sure you are sensitive to these issues and reassure potential clients that they’ll be in good hands.

Be sure to highlight RapidScale’s security measures. This includes the previously mentioned data center physical security. In addition, users are virtually secured by industry-leading security software from vendors like Fortinet.

Consistent Billing

Another competitive advantage from RapidScale that needs to be emphasized concerns how we bill. Our billing methodology differs from many industry vendors because we do not charge flat fees for enterprise agreements. We use simple provisioning billing to charge users only for what they use. This consistent type of billing can be incredibly important for all organizations. What large corporation doesn’t need to save money and how many more SMBs can now be brought into a virtual environment?

In-House Professional Services

We control the entire experience, from sales implementation through solutions delivery. We do not outsource any of these tasks. This means the service that the user receives is best of breed, seamless throughout the customer’s experience, and via a Solutions Engineer that has developed world-class best practices.

What else is new in 2017?

2016 for RapidScale was marked by sustained growth in revenue, an increase in employees, and even a change in headquarters location! These changes and growth are set to continue in 2017.

First, we would like to welcome the new hires that are formally set to come on board in the coming weeks. RapidScale will be adding the following individuals: Heidi Knowles, Partner Experience Manager, Southeast Region, William Kirk, Partner Experience Representative, and Dylan Bouterse, Senior Solutions Engineer.

Check out our updated National Sales Map below:

Selling RapidScale in 2017 - January Sales Webinar Recap

Feel free to reach out to our Marketing team to learn more about how we can help you sell RapidScale or to gain access to our Partner Portal!

And don’t forget – we just launched a second monthly webinar every month for our sales partners. Sales Webinars, moderated by President Mark Szotkowski, are on the first Wednesday of every month at 9am PST, and our new Technical Webinars, moderated by Director of Solutions Engineering Duane Barnes, are on the third Wednesday of every month at 9am PST. Make sure you register here!

Happy Selling!

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