RapidScale continues to service and support our hosted customers even amongst industry changes from Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware.

Broadcom acquired VMware in November 2023 as part of a $61B acquisition. In January 2024, Broadcom announced several changes within the VMware business that have caused considerable disruption in the technology provider space, including:

  • Reduction in quantity of Premier level partners globally from 4500 to 500
  • Reduction in the quantity of available virtualization products down to 2 SKUs
  • Changes in how virtualization is billed resulting in higher costs for most providers
  • Divestiture of the VMware HDaaS product group to KKR on February 26th, 2024

RapidScale has been working alongside Broadcom to make this transition as seamless as possible while ensuring we limit the impact of these changes to our hosted customer base.

RapidScale is one of the 400 managed service providers chosen to continue with the Broadcom partnership at the Premier level. Additionally, RapidScale has engineered our hosted environment to minimize the impact of the changes that Broadcom is making with VMware virtualization products.  RapidScale is also working closely with the End User Computing (EUC) group to better understand the impacts with the Horizon DaaS (HDaaS) platform.

Expected Impact On Your Services

Customers enjoying our IaaS, BaaS, Citrix DaaS and DRaaS solutions should see no increase in prices or changes to their service.  RapidScale is well-prepared to embrace the changes that Broadcom is implementing.

RapidScale has performed an extensive evaluation of its business impacted by Broadcom’s recent changes, here is what we know today:



Infrastructure as a Service

No Impact

Backup as a Service

No Impact

Disaster Recovery as a Service

No Impact

Citrix Desktop as a Service

No Impact

Horizon Desktop as a Service

Impacted (More details to follow in the next 30 days.)


RapidScale is working with the VMware End User Computing (EUC) group that provides HDaaS through their acquisition by KKR.  RapidScale expects to have more information on the impact of these changes with HDaaS in the next 30 days.