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Say Hello to Managed Cloud Solutions

RapidScale’s managed cloud solutions provide the most reliable, innovative, and secure services, all complete with white-glove service and full management options. Your IT team can eliminate the hassle of day-to-day updates, patches, and user management. RapidScale’s managed cloud solutions can help move your business to the next level of IT productivity and profitability!

CloudDesktop Desktop as a Service

CloudDesktop (DaaS) allows organizations to move all their applications and desktops to RapidScale’s fully managed cloud. They are able to access their virtual desktop environment through an Internet connection from any device, anywhere in the world.

RapidScale CloudServer Infrastructure as a Service Managed Cloud Solutions for Business

CloudServer (IaaS) eliminates the need to spend capital on upgrading physical hardware by moving into an Operating Expense (OpEx) model with virtual, enterprise-level hosted servers. With a fully managed option, a customer never needs to worry about patches, updates, or troubleshooting.

CloudRecovery Disaster Recovery as a Service RapidScale Managed Cloud Solutions for Business

CloudRecovery (DRaaS) provides businesses with cost-effective disaster recovery services by offering critical storage-based replication and recovery within a managed environment in the cloud. RapidScale’s data centers are Tier 3 on enterprise-level infrastructure, with government-grade security.

CloudSecurity Managed Cloud Security

RapidScale provides a full security portfolio with industry-leading network and host-based tools. Our portfolio includes network security, web security, email security, gateway security services and more. Address business vulnerabilities and fill in any gaps with our full security portfolio at your fingertips.

Managed Office 365

Our Managed Office 365 solution allows you to work seamlessly from anywhere, on any device, at any time. We’re available 24x7x365 to support and manage your every need. In addition, we provide add-on data migration services for clients wanting to move email workloads to Office 365 from other complex environments.

CloudBackup Backup as a Service

CloudBackup is a secure and robust backup solution that automates data backup to secure cloud storage. The application combines easy to use interface with a powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable.

RapidScale's Managed SD-WAN

Traditional WAN is complex, expensive and difficult to manage, and can’t deliver the connectivity essential for SaaS and public cloud applications or emerging technologies. Our SD-WAN services centralize management and create visibility that improves service performance critical to seamless, satisfying end-user experiences.


Let Us Design Your Managed Cloud Roadmap

CloudDesktop VDI Example RapidScale Managed Cloud Solutions

Managed vs. Unmanaged Cloud Services

Businesses have an expanded set of options for operating in the cloud with RapidScale. They can choose to manage their cloud infrastructure themselves or opt for a managed cloud and have a provider like us shoulder the burden of day-to-day management. These options allow clients to decide just how involved they want the provider to be.

Both solutions certainly have their advantages, and it truly depends on the business to determine which is the best fit. You have to determine how much your company needs to use the services and how much flexibility vs. support you will ultimately need from the provider. This requires a familiarity with your own needs and goals. Let’s look further at the differences between managed and unmanaged cloud services.