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RapidScale CloudDesktop Desktop as a Service Managed Cloud Solutions for Business

Fully Managed Virtual Desktops

Eliminate Hardware Refresh

RapidScale’s CloudDesktop helps extend the life of existing hardware by no longer relying on the local machine to perform tasks or run applications.

BYOD Compatible

Users can access their virtual desktop environments from any device including tablets, desktops, smartphones, laptops, thin and zero clients, and more.

Cost Effective

By combining compute, licensing, upgrades, management, and more into a simple monthly charge, businesses can reduce their capital spend and get the latest technology automatically.


With a virtual desktop environment, businesses have the ability to rapidly add new users with the single click of a button – deploying the desktop and applications to anyone in the organization.

Dedicated Environment

Whether your industry requires a private environment to run your desktop or your applications are unique to your business, a private environment might be the best fit for you. Our Cloud Engineering team can design a private virtual desktop for your organization comprised of all your business applications. Your organization is in control of your private desktop and will be given permission to make changes to fit your needs. All your data is in a secure data center and can be accessed from any device with your authentication.


Bring Your Own Device is changing the business world. Not only has it increased productivity and innovation, but it has also helped with employee satisfaction and cost savings.

RapidScale offers solutions that enable you to introduce BYOD efficiently and securely in your business. Our CloudDesktop and CloudOffice solutions are perfect for companies that want to embrace this new way of working.

One-Stop Management

RapidScale works to identify and understand our clients’ management requirements and business operations. This allows our professionals to determine which best-practice approach is most beneficial and makes the most business sense. We manage your Desktop as a Service as much as you want or as little as you want with 24x7x365 support at your fingertips.


You can get your applications on any device, anywhere. Take your CloudDesktop with you on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, zero client, or almost any other device. You now have the opportunity to be more flexible and productive because you can stay connected with your company and data while having the freedom to be away from the office. When you have the freedom to work in a way that suits you, your productivity will greatly increase.


Your company’s security is a top priority of ours. Our enterprise-grade security team and software will protect your business from viruses, malware, and rogue employees at an infrastructure level. We provide 24x7x365 monitoring and support for your system so you can always be confident that your data is safe. Our strict data-protection policies ensure that your data is backed up and can be easily recovered when it is stored in our Tier 3 data centers.


Desktop as a Service is changing the way people do business in the workplace. You’re no longer chained to your computer. Now you can focus on your core business and stay connected with a virtual company workspace that allows for complete collaboration, no matter where you are. RapidScale’s CloudDesktop is scalable and dynamic based on your application needs.

Building Your Managed Desktop Solution

CloudDesktop Premium

4 CPU / 8 GB RAM

Starting at $55

Ideal for power users including graphic designers, CAD graphics, video editing, etc.

CloudDesktop Business

2 CPU / 4 GB RAM

Starting at $40

Ideal for standard users with heavy usage of business applications, Web browsers, and multiple applications open at once.

CloudDesktop Basic

1 CPU / 2 GB RAM

Starting at $35

Ideal for users that mostly utilize Microsoft Office and Web browsers.

Standard Features

Enterprise Virtual Desktop
Bring Your Own Apps
Web-based portal for self-service management
50 GB Storage
Any App Integration
Citrix HDX Delivery Protocol
Tier 3 Data Centers
Anti-virus and malware protection
Access via Citrix client on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, ChromeOS, Web browser
N +1 Redundant HVAC System
Active Directory Integration
Advanced Security and Compliance
Enterprise Infrastructure

Management Features

Advanced Management of Infrastructure Environment
Dedicated Project Manager
24x7 End-User Monitoring
24x7x365 Virtual Desktop Support
Automatic System Updates
100% Service Level Agreement
Design, Testing, and Implementation of Applications
End-User Troubleshooting
System Patching
End-User Management and Administration

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The Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

It is obvious that we are in the center of a universal technology shift. With that being said, cloud computing, fueled by the move to 100% virtualized environments, represents an enormous platform change that is altering the current situation of IT. As this continues to gain momentum, IT strategies must be defined, planned against, and implemented in the context of this new world order versus continuing IT paradigms.

Desktop virtualization, or VDI, is a buzz word that has been floating around the IT community for quite a while now. A virtual solution is a cloud application that replaces physical resources with Web-based application interfaces. For example, VDI allows a user to log into their desktop (virtual, of course) via the Web browser or smart-device app and be able to access their files, documents, and whatever else is stored in their cloud-based desktop.

RapidScale’s CloudDesktop solution is built to deliver a robust and flexible private virtual desktop environment for your users to maximize mobilized productivity within a secure environment. Thanks to its modular and portable design, RapidScale’s engineers have the flexibility to build a powerful and secure platform for your organization to carry out day-to-day tasks from a dedicated set of resources.

CloudDesktop provides a full desktop solution by delivering applications specific to any business requirement. RapidScale has the ability to package complex applications with in-depth licensing procedures to allow a much wider variety of applications to be integrated into an environment. We offer enterprise or custom application packaging as an approach to customizing the virtual environment to meet customer expectations. Delivered in a Windows interface, CloudDesktop comes with  the add-ons needed for a traditional Windows experience including Java, Flash, Silverlight, AV and AM protection, etc.

Your company’s security is our top priority. Our enterprise-level security team and software will protect your business from viruses, malware, and rogue employees at an infrastructure level. We provide 24×7 monitoring and support for your system. Our strict data protection policies ensure that your data is backed up and can be easily recovered when it is stored in our Tier 3 data centers. These data centers feature full redundancy and best-of-breed solutions from leading companies including Cisco, Citrix, HP, Microsoft, NetApp and VMware.

RapidScale’s CloudDesktop is scalable and dynamic based on your application and storage needs. By using a service that is hosted virtually, you have the freedom to scale up or down according to your constantly changing business specifications. Your organization is in control of your private desktop, and will be given permission to make changes to fit your needs. Our CloudPortal Services Manager allows IT teams to manage their end users’ CloudDesktops internally and control their platform.