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RapidScale CloudMail Hosted Microsoft Exchange Managed Cloud Solutions for Business

Hosted Exchange for Businesses

Anywhere, Anytime Email

RapidScale’s CloudMail provides secure, cloud-based Hosted Exchange solutions to businesses of all sizes. Access email from any device, anywhere in the world.

Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus

With tons of add-ons, CloudMail can provide businesses with customized solutions such as anti-spam and anti-virus, compliance, secure messaging, and much more.

Active Directory Integration

CloudMail fully integrates with existing Active Directory configurations to provide a simple and synchronized migration to your cloud solution.


Enhanced collaboration with Hosted Exchange makes it simple for teams to share calendars or scheduling all through Outlook, Web-based Exchange, or any other email client.


  • Reduce costs
  • Receive tools to simplify deployment experience
  • Drive down cost of storage
  • Hardware virtualization consolidates multiple underutilized physical servers
  • Users get more control
  • More efficient Help Desk
  • With unified messaging, users have more convenient access to voice mail messages

Save Money, Receive Support

  • Remove budgeting burden
  • Enhance end user experience
  • Affordable per-user cost
  • Benefit from the latest version of Microsoft Exchange
  • Stay up to date with technology and licensing
  • 24x7x365 support with Sr. Cloud Consultant to oversee your account

It’s Easy

Exchange 2013 makes it easier to protect both your data and messaging system. Plus, with a familiar Web-based experience, Exchange allows you to experience more flexibility and accessibility from wherever life takes you. Your inbox automatically updates with ActiveSync to keep your data up to date and accurate. Email holds much of the information businesses use daily, making the need to easily preserve and search this information essential. Exchange 2013 offers searchable, legally-compliant email archiving for all users. Plus, Exchange 2013 offers improved storage performance and new resiliency features so users can have bigger and more reliable mailboxes without an increase in cost. Keep track of everything important with fast and accurate searchability accompanied with a smooth user experience.

Archiving, Retention, Discovery

Microsoft Exchange introduces built-in integrated email archiving, retention and discovery capabilities that save costs and simplify the process of preserving business communications. Our Hosted Exchange solution delivers on the capabilities demanded by mobile workforces. Access your business email, calendar and contacts on your PC, smartphone and Web browser so they can go where you go. You remain in control of your solution by tailoring it to your needs and ensuring your communications are always available.

Outlook Web App

Outlook Web App in Microsoft Exchange helps users be more efficient and productive across platforms and locations by giving them access to email, voice mail, instant messaging, SMS text messages and more inside all popular browsers. Users can stop switching between applications and make their communications experience more powerful within the Outlook Web App. Reduce complexity for your users, and instead, offer secure access for multiple approved applications.

Advanced Security

Microsoft Exchange combines built-in anti-spam and encryption technologies with an advanced anti-virus infrastructure for efficient management of a wide range of security threats. You will see a high standard of physical and digital security for your data as it receives reliable monitoring and support from our team. We guarantee 24x7x365 uptime and support for our clients. We are dedicated to providing you with first-class support.

Management Tools

While email is critical to your business, managing your Exchange server in-house can be expensive, time consuming and full of hassles. Working with an external service provider can help you eliminate those headaches and take advantage of the full functionality of your Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server. Benefit from the latest version of Microsoft Exchange and receive the latest software and security updates. With CloudMail, you will save short- and long-term costs while receiving superior support from our team.

Standard Features

50 GB Mailbox
Universal Inbox
Policy Management
Simplified Task Delegation
Outlook Web Access
IRM Policies and Support
100% Service Level Agreement
Microsoft Exchange Version Upgrades
Backups to Off-Site Location

Management Features

End-User Troubleshooting
End-User Device Setup
Licensing Management
Application Management
Exchange Server Management
Patches and Upgrades to Server
Managed Backups
24x7x365 Support

Customize Your Solution with a Fully Loaded Environment

Choose Your Options

Your Information


Lower Costs

With CloudMail, our goal is to remove the budgeting burden from clients and enhance the end-user experience. At an affordable per user cost, your organization can benefit from the latest version of Microsoft Exchange and stay up to date with technology and licensing. Plus, with 50GB per mailbox, your employees will no longer have issues with mailboxes filling up and the need to purchase additional storage space.


CloudMail is built on a secure and durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits. Exchange 2013 features automatic encryption at both the channel and message levels to help control access to data and ensure trusted communications both inside and outside the network. Eliminate the risk of single-points of failure with an on-premises Exchange solution by moving to CloudMail. Hosted Exchange allows you to benefit from built-in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity features.

Simple Migration

RapidScale uses one of the world-leading enterprise migration tools as a solution. Migrating to our Exchange infrastructure is highly beneficial to customers in various ways. Our infrastructure is hosted in multiple Tier 3, Class 1 data centers with full redundancy. Exchange mailboxes come standard with 50GB of storage.
RapidScale’s management interface is also available depending on customer structure, webmail access, and more.

CloudMail Add-Ons

The Secure Messaging platform is a cloud-based solution for securing and tracking email, file sharing, and data leak protection. It enables internal and external users to send, track and receive messages and documents securely on any device (BYOD), anytime, anywhere.

The Secure Messaging platform is being adopted by the SMB, enterprise and government sectors. It was designed to replace complex, traditional encryption products as an easy cloud solution.

In the Cloud

The Secure Email platform is offered as a service (Cloud On-Demand). It is compatible with any email address or email server such as Hosted Microsoft Exchange. It offers a zero download approach for all senders and recipients. It does not replace existing email servers or current email addresses. New recipients are automatically invited to join the customer-branded Secure Portal as a ‘Guest User’, free of charge. An optional Cloud Gateway offers enterprise-grade protection for small and large deployments.

Key differentiators:

  • Simple cloud deployment without hardware installations and seamless integration with existing email infrastructure
  • Superior end-user experience drives rapid product adoption
  • Functionality such as message tracking, For Your Eyes Only and policy controls are backed by seven granted USPTO patents
  • With the Secure Messaging platform, users don’t have to swap out familiarity and simplicity for security. In fact, we insist that users continue to use their existing email addresses and programs – just the way they are

RapidScale Archive

Securely captures and preserves email, instant messaging (AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk), BlackBerry, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Pivot, ICE Chat (formerly YellowJacket}, social media (Linkedln, Twitter, Facebook) and more.

Compliance Reviewer

Complete message supervisory system that is configured to enforce and monitor your supervisory policies and procedures.

Audit and eDiscovery

Solutions are readily accessible within RapidScale Archive, providing efficient online tools for collaboration, case management and responses to legal data requests.


Provides users with 24/7 “anywhere access” to their messages via BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android, Outlook and the Web.


RapidScale’s flagship messaging and unified collaboration communications service, designed to address the messaging, federation, compliance, privacy and security needs of firms in regulated industries.

This is an anti-spam service that puts a filter between the Internet and your mail servers. Email messages are routed through our anti-spam and anti-virus servers which employ a number of sophisticated detection methods, updated continuously, to ensure you get the legitimate messages you want without the spam and viruses you don’t. With CloudMail’s anti-spam and anti-virus features, there is no on-site hardware or software required and setup is easy: a simple change to your MX records is all it takes to get started. You’ll receive a daily Held Spam Report to see the spam you’re (not) missing. You can also find and restore any legitimate messages we might mistake for spam. To make CloudMail’s anti-spam and anti-virus even more effective, the service also allows you to adjust your settings to add or block other senders automatically.

Features & Benefits:

  • Real-time protection from today’s IT threats
  • Simple implementation
  • No hardware or software installation
  • Inbound and outbound email protection
  • Daily Held Spam Reports
  • User-level filter permissions
  • 99% effectiveness in blocking spam and viruses

In-House vs. Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange has become the gold standard for business email. It increases productivity and successfully keeps people connected around the world. However, traditional Exchange is often out of reach for small businesses or organizations with limited resources due to high costs, hardware requirements, and management responsibilities.

Email is a critical business resource, and that’s why it’s important to make sure you have the best system in place. Enter Hosted Exchange.

Hosted Exchange is the best option for businesses that want to harness the power of an Exchange solution but don’t want to deal with the costs or hassles. This is becoming the preferred option for business email.