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RapidScale’s Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure in the Cloud

Eliminate Physical Servers

Manageability of virtual servers is simpler because you can easily connect to the server’s console remotely without the need for special remote-access hardware. You can also duplicate virtual servers and create templates for quick replication. Lastly, virtual servers all see the same virtual hardware (except for processors) regardless of the physical hardware they are hosted on.

Enterprise-Level Infrastructure

RapidScale gives you on-demand capacity with the best infrastructure tools and utilities. CloudServer is backed by vCloud hypervisors, NetApp storage, and Cisco UCS blade chassis. Leveraging the infrastructure in RapidScale’s data centers for your business-critical applications will allow you to operate like an enterprise-level organization. RapidScale has invested heavily in top-of-the-line servers,storage, and connectivity to ensure peace of mind that your data is secure.


RapidScale’s data centers feature top-of-the-line security with on-premises security guards, exterior security systems, biometric systems including palm scanners, security scanners, and continuous digital surveillance and recording. RapidScale offers a 100% Service Level Agreement with HIPAA and PCI compliance. RapidScale’s data centers are enterprise-grade at a fraction of the price.

Mitigate Risk

Owning your own infrastructure can be expensive, time consuming, and frustrating. With CloudServer, you eliminate the risk of owning your own infrastructure and the responsibilities that come with it. CloudServer is on a pay-as-you-go, monthly OpEx model. When you have predictable, consistent monthly costs, you can simplify your budget and planning.

Secure Infrastructure as a Service

  • Data Centers
  • SAS70 & SSAE 16 Independent Audit Certification
  • RapidScale employees with background checks are the only ones with access
  • Tier 3, Class 1 Data Encryption – Data is encrypted in flight and at rest. All SANS have SED’s (Self Encrypting Drives)
  • Compliance: HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Enterprise Virtual Firewall or Customer-Owned Firewall
  • Cisco Routers and Firewalls with encryption- 256k

CloudServer works with a pay-as-you-go model, allowing you to scale up or down, depending on your needs. We know that every business is different, so we offer a solution that can mold to the specific needs of your company. Don’t worry about limited storage space or high costs when your needs change. CloudServer grows when you grow. Seize new opportunities and get projects up and running in no time with CloudServer.

Cost Efficiency

CloudServer has a usage-based cost which allows for scalability that works with your ever-changing needs. This ensures that you are only paying for what you use. If you find yourself facing space, power, and capital expenditure issues due to the increasing number of in-house servers and storage you’re purchasing, CloudServer is what you need. IaaS can help eliminate many of the negative aspects of IT expansion, especially issues with in-house infrastructure and large expenses, while still giving you the processing power and storage space you need.

Disaster Recovery

There are a myriad of ways to lose equipment and data – fire, theft, malfunctioning sprinklers. With CloudServer, your hardware and the data located on it are housed in secure, redundant and geographically diverse Tier 3 Class 1 data centers, which are mirrored and backed up. This ensures that your services will be back online quickly and running smoothly in the event of a disaster. We make it easier to resume business as usual.


We support high-volume constant and bursting workloads across your network, disk, CPU, and bandwidth. Without oversubscribed CPU or RAM, backed by an all-10 GB network, our cloud offerings outperform other cloud offerings.

Building Your Managed CloudServer Solution


Select the Compute Power for your Server

Starting at $20

For standard users making their way into the cloud.


Select the Speed of Your Server

Starting at $15

Save on monthly per-server costs.

Standard Features

Smart-Build Data Centers 100%
Cisco Routers and Switches 100%
Cisco and Fortinet Firewalls 100%
Cisco UCS Blade Servers 100%
NetApp Storage 100%
VMware 100%
Citrix 100%
Firewall Configuration 100%
Network Configuration Upon Setup 100%
Operating System Implementation (if applicable) 100%
100% Service Level Agreement 100%
Point-Click CloudServer Deployment 100%
Encrypted Data Transfer 100%

Management Features

Operating System Management 100%
Server Troubleshooting 100%
Automatic Updates 100%
Patches 100%
Configuration of Virtual IP Addresses 100%
Domain Integration 100%
Active Directory Configuration 100%
VPN Configuration 100%
Domain Control Migration 100%

Customize Your Solution with a Fully Loaded Environment

Choose Your Options

Your Information

Optimize Resources

  • Infrastructure hosted off-site
  • Free your IT staff to focus on value-added tasks
  • Abstract hardware into a pool of computing, storage and connectivity capabilities, delivered as services
  • Simplify operations and focus on your business
  • Reduce risk, eliminate headaches, and save money
  • Operate worry-free

Elasticity for Quick Scaling

  • Quickly seize new opportunities and run projects faster
  • Scale IT usage up and down to meet seasonal demands, project-based requirements or growth
  • Minimal IT effort
  • On-demand capacity with the best infrastructure tools and utilities available
  • Backed by vCloud hypervisor, NetApp storage and Cisco UCS blade chassis

Eliminate IT Headaches

  • CloudIntelligence team helps you through setup and questions
  • Maintained as much or as little as you prefer
  • Assistance with upgrades and updates
  • Operate worry-free

Multiple TCO analyses have shown that the cost of managing and maintaining hardware ends up being more costly than moving to a cloud model.

CloudServer is based off of enterprise-class infrastructure at a fraction of the costs with 24x7x365 friendly and reliable support. We care about your business’ uptime objectives and security, which is why RapidScale has worked hard to become a leader in CloudServer. With your applications built into a private cloud environment that includes encryption, firewalls and advanced around-the-clock monitoring, they will remain safe and secure. Operate worry-free, knowing that you always have RapidScale’s support.

In-House vs. Virtual Servers

Managing on-site, physical servers is expensive and time-consuming. TCO analyses have shown that the cost of managing and maintaining hardware ends up being more costly than moving to the cloud. Money and energy should be focused on growing your business, not on the maintenance of your infrastructure.

That’s where virtual servers come in. This moves your business to a service-based model, or cloud computing. You receive the same resources and power you need to continue working efficiently while devoting more time to business development and strategy. Take a look at how in-house and virtual servers compare.

Learn More about CloudServer


Expand Your Cloud Knowledge

RapidScale’s CloudUniversity

Expand your knowledge of how the cloud works, how it can benefit your business, the different cloud solutions, and much more. RapidScale’s CloudUniversity makes it simple to develop your understanding of the cloud.

CloudServer Features

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud is a pool of computing services delivered over the Internet. It is offered by a vendor, who typically uses a “pay as you go” or “metered service” model. Public Cloud Computing has the following potential advantages: you only pay for resources you consume; you gain agility through quick deployment; there is rapid capacity scaling; and all services are delivered with consistent availability, resiliency, security, and manageability. Public Cloud options include:

  • Shared Public Cloud: The Shared Public Cloud provides the benefit of rapid implementation, massive scalability, and low cost of entry. It is delivered in a shared physical infrastructure where the architecture, customization, and degree of security are designed and managed by the provider according to market-driven specifications.
  • Dedicated Public Cloud: The Dedicated Public Cloud provides functionality similar to a Shared Public Cloud except that it is delivered on a dedicated physical infrastructure. Security, performance, and sometimes customization are better in the Dedicated Public Cloud than in the Shared Public Cloud. Its architecture and service levels are defined by the provider and the cost may be higher than that of the Shared Public Cloud, depending on the volume.


RapidScale is able to move all of your business critical applications to the Cloud because of CloudServer Features. We can use your existing licensing or help provide licensing for applications. In combination with moving your business-critical applications, RapidScale will move all of the data associated with the application.


Support high-volume constant and bursting workloads across their network, disk, CPU and bandwidth. Without oversubscribed CPU or RAM, backed by an all-10 gigabit network, RapidScale’s Cloud offerings outperform the leading Cloud offerings.

Reduce Risk

Owning your own infrastructure can be expensive, time consuming and frustrating. With RapidScale’s CloudServer Features, you reduce the risk of owning your own infrastructure and the efforts the come with it. Eliminate the hassle of capital expenditure, which can be daunting. RapidScale’s CloudServer is on a pay-as-you-go model. When you have predictable, consistent monthly costs, you can simplify your budget and planning.

Eliminate IT Headaches

CloudServer Features are accompanied by the best CloudIntelligence team in the industry who will help you through any setup or questions. We can maintain as much or as little as you want and can help with all upgrades and updates.

Infrastructure as a Service lets you quickly seize new business opportunities and get projects up and running faster, without waiting for IT to be deployed. Scale your IT usage up and down to meet seasonal demands, project-based requirements or growth. A business is able to seize new projects and be up and running faster with minimum IT effort.

With built in a private cloud environment with encryption, firewalls, and monitoring, your applications will be safe and secure. Additionally, moving your applications to the cloud allows you to receive the benefits of Disaster Recovery. CloudServer utilizes the best technology both HP and Cisco servers have to offer. We have also designed an easy-to-use control panel that will allow you to make changes to your servers on demand.


Our high performance Clouds and dedicated private Clouds provide on-demand access to the infrastructure, applications, and data needed to satisfy your financial, operational and IT objectives. We will take care of your installation and maintenance-backed by our usual 100% uptime SLAs on power and IP service.

24x7x365 Support

RapidScale has two call centers with IT professionals staffed at all times. This allows you to operate worry-free and know that you always have support. Whether it is after-hours maintenance and testing, or changes in your infrastructure, you will always know that we will be available to assist you.

Enterprise Level Infrastructure

Leveraging the infrastructure in our data centers for your business critical applications will allow you to operate like an enterprise-level organization. This will be done at a fraction of the cost it would be to own the gear and maintain it.

CloudServer Tech Specs

Our Infrastructure as a Service solution is further explained with our CloudServer Tech Specs.

  • AnyCloud: RapidScale’s unique AnyCloud Architecture allows customers to run their workloads on the hypervisor of their choice-Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, or VMware vSphere.
  • AnyConnect: Our proprietary AnyConnect technology allows you to connect to RapidScale’s cloud anyway you want-Public IP, IPSEC VPN, Layer-2 Cross-connects, MPLS, or point-to-point.
  • AnyChoice: By utilizing a standards based architecture, you can seamlessly migrate your servers and information from RapidScale back to your facility or another provider.

100% Availability Pledge: RapidScale has built a state-of-the-art infrastructure that offers high availability and a 100% uptime guarantee.

Hybrid Architectures: Our flexible architecture allows RapidScale to integrate into your existing network with existing servers, firewalls, or appliances; allowing you to move as little or as much as you like.

Easy To Use: Our web-based interface allows you deploy and manage your servers with the click of a button-through our easy to use web-based interface.

Scalable: Easily add or remove servers on demand and in real-time.

Application Integration: Our intelligent infrastructure integrates with your applications, guaranteeing data consistency and application availability in the event of a failure.Enterprise-Level Infrastructure: Leveraging the infrastructure in RapidScale’s data centers allow you to operate like an enterprise-level organization. This will be done at a fraction of the cost of owning and maintaining the gear.

Pay As You Go: Pay for only the resources you use, via an easy to understand pricing model with no surprises.


  • Your infrastructure will be run in Tier 3 data centers with the highest of security parameters in place.  Additionally, your information is secured behind multiple layers of physical security as well as network security.

Our data centers feature top of the line security with on-premises security guards, exterior security systems, biometric systems including palm scanners, security scanners, and continuous digital surveillance and recording. Get 100% uptime guaranteed with HIPAA and PCI security compliance. Our data centers are enterprise-grade at a fraction of the price. We are one of the few organizations whose infrastructure and security processes are at Tier 3 Class 1 standards.

Multiple Data Centers

  • RapidScale’s infrastructure currently resides in multiple data centers domestically and is being expanded globally. These data centers are fully redundant. In the event of a natural disaster, RapidScale’s customers can be assured that their business-critical applications will be fully redundant in a different data center and can be redirected and ready to resume business as usual because of our CloudServer Tech Specs.

CPU and Storage

  • VMs are based on the number of CPU cores, amount of RAM, and amount of local storage that comes with each VM. Storage has virtually unlimited space and is available at different increments. Storage amounts can be increased on demand.

Virtual Servers

  • Virtual servers offer numerous advantages over physical servers. Manageability of virtual servers is easier because you can easily connect to the servers console remotely without the need for special remote access hardware. You can also easily duplicate virtual servers and create templates to quickly create new ones. Lastly, virtual servers all see the same virtual hardware (except for processors) regardless of the physical hardware that they are hosted on. This ensures that your applications all run on similar hardware to eliminate problems that may arise from dissimilar hardware.

Set Up

With recent improvements in virtualization technology, deploying servers has never been simpler to do. From clustering and resource pooling to graphical Web GUI management interfaces, deploying and managing large-scale server infrastructures has become a breeze.

With a physical server deployment, the following steps need to be taken by yourself or the hosting organization:

  • Source and acquire the hardware needed to run the infrastructure including:
  • Racks, servers, switches, routers, firewalls, PDUs, storage arrays, cabling, misc. hardware
  • Assemble the necessary infrastructure.
  • Configure the infrastructure.
  • Formatting servers, configuring the network, configuring storage, installing and configuring operating systems, linking the systems together, troubleshooting and optimization

Virtual Server Deployment

Thanks to virtualization, this has all been reduced to a number of a few short clicks to complete these tasks. Thanks to the vCloud director, the power of this technology has now been placed in YOUR hands. vCloud gives you the ability to spin up, spin down, configure networks and resources, reboot, repair, and control the console of new and existing servers without any action on the part of RapidScale staff.

Of course we can always take care of this for you, but for hands-on customers that do not want our staff to access to their systems, this option is always available.

Spinning up new servers is as easy as selecting one of our preconfigured vApps that contain all of the servers necessary for a technology and clicking deploy. All that remains is configuring the network and applications, and your server is up and running in the cloud.

Migrations and Cutovers

Any IT director who has managed or performed a migration knows that they are always a nightmare. The reality is that they are unavoidable. However, with recent improvements in virtualization combined with our seasoned, experienced engineering staff, migrations have never been easier. First our engineers will sit down with your staff and gain an in-depth understanding of your current infrastructure while addressing any weak points or existing issues that could potentially cause issues during the setup and migration process. Next, a migration road map is drawn up and followed to the tee. Once the sales and engineering quotes have been approved, operations will deploy the servers according to specifications. After the new servers have been deployed, provisioned, updated, and prepped for cutover, data replication can begin. This is typically done over the Internet for customers with high bandwidth and via USB hard drives for customers with low bandwidth. While data is being transferred, a cutover date is scheduled (and may be adjusted due to unforeseen complications) when services will be cut over to the new systems in the cloud. Below are several services that are typically migrated and how the process works for some of the most popular applications and data systems on the market.


Websites are typically on the easier end of the spectrum when it comes to migrations and cutovers. A physical to virtual migration is performed and flat files are copied to the new server. They typically operate on fairly common platforms and are relatively simple in nature. Most Web servers contain flat files that can be copied persistently at a flat file level and then cut over via DNS after the new server has been determined to be stable and ready for production.


SQL Databases tend to be more complicated when it comes to cutovers as database backups. Restorations are typically used to cut over and involve downtime. They also participation of database administrators on the source side if this work is contracted out to a 3rd party.

Terminal Servers

Terminal servers operate in the same difficulty level as Web servers. For these we will almost always use a Physical for Virtual utility to literally capture an image of the hard drive and deploy it against virtual hardware in our data centers. This typically involves no downtime. For changed data, Robocopy or a similar utility is used to copy flat files from the source to the destination. Once this has been completed the DNS can be cut over to the new servers.

Print Server

Print servers are equal to terminal and Web servers in terms of difficulty. Typically, they are virtualized and placed right into the data center and are cut over. Very rarely will any data replication need to occur between the P2V process and cutover.