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RapidScale's Managed SD-WAN

Fully Managed SD-WAN

High Performance

SD-WAN increases the performance and reliability of traditional enterprise applications, SaaS applications and virtual desktops over any network while simplifying the branch network.¬†As businesses move to virtual desktops or increase their application usage, they’ll continue to experience a high-performing environment.

Enable Mobility

RapidScale’s SD-WAN offering enables businesses that rely on branch offices or remote employees to effectively and economically increase WAN throughput while accelerating enterprise applications. The solution ensures that users can remain connected at all times, from anywhere.

Enhance Security

Secure the branch perimeter and data access while controlling application delivery across the WAN and to the cloud. Our SD-WAN incorporates strong encryption, application-level security policies, and data segmentation to ensure your network is protected.

Virtual Desktops

Businesses can expand their use of virtual applications and desktops confidently throughout branch locations. With a reliable network connection, users won’t lose access to their virtual environments, while the business maintains end-to-end visibility over each session.

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology is reshaping the modern enterprise network by providing improved performance, reduced costs, and enhanced security. With an SD-WAN solution that combines real-time path selection, edge routing, stateful firewall, end-to-end QoS, and WAN optimization, you can deliver the reliability and efficiency your business demands.

Are you ready for SD-WAN?

Here are some common use cases:

  • Need for always-on connectivity
  • Introduction of bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Expanded use of virtualized applications and desktops
  • Applications moving to the cloud
  • Demand for data segmentation
  • Internet offload directly from branch
  • Gain visibility and control over applications and websites
SD-WAN Statistic

Businesses experience almost instantaneous failover when a network connection fails, ensuring that application access is never lost.

Lower Costs

SD-WAN unites separate networks into one, united virtualized WAN. With a simplified branch network, businesses can lower infrastructure, support and management costs.


SD-WAN can seamlessly integrate with RapidScale’s CloudDesktop solution, accelerating, controlling and optimizing the virtual desktop and application experience.

Business Continuity

Remote access and virtualized WAN technology protect server availability and access to business-critical applications and data in the event of a disruption.

Standard Features

WAN Virtualization
Application QoS
Path Assignment
Integrated Firewall
Layer 2
Tunnel Interfaces
Application and WAN Optimization
Centralized Policies
Hypervisor Support
Hyperscaler Support
Network Encryption

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