RapidScale CloudCare

Cloud Support

The Gold Standard for Cloud Management and Support

RapidScale’s Cloud Support doesn’t just focus on a customer’s cloud solution, but their overall environment and how it affects their business. Our Cloud Support methodology focuses on two things: 24x7x365 “We Care” Support and complete end-to-end management and monitoring of a customer’s environment.

RapidScale’s commitment to our customers is unique. We believe that it’s not enough to just provide a great solution, but to provide IT teams a resource for anything from server patches, end-user troubleshooting, application updates, Active Directory configurations, and much more. For a more comprehensive list of our Cloud Support management offering, please click here.

Managed Solutions

RapidScale is paving the way for managed services in the cloud industry. With complete hand-holding from the solution engineering process through implementation and the handoff to the RapidScale Cloud Support team. Our team is staffed with knowledgeable, customer oriented resources to help you every step of the way with your new cloud solution. RapidScale’s goal is to ensure every customer’s experience is above and beyond expectations and that comes from our dedication to excellence.


RapidScale’s managed services also include complete monitoring of your cloud system. Whether it be from a server and infrastructure standpoint to ensuring there are never any breaches of security or data within your environment, RapidScale’s highly skilled engineering team will ensure your business is always up and running.

White-Glove Service

RapidScale’s team of cloud experts are available during every step of the process. We will provide exceptional attention to detail, assurance of a smooth transition, and a resource available for questions or concerns. Our white glove service doesn’t just end when your environment is up and running. Our Cloud Support team has a 95% satisfaction rating and will provide 24x7x365 on demand access.

Management and Monitoring

RapidScale offers a unique solution by providing full management and monitoring to customer’s environments. As an optional add-on, a customer can elect to have RapidScale handle troubleshooting, end user support, monitoring, patches and upgrades, hardware management, and much more.


A firewall is hardware or software that protects a network from unauthorized access, hackers, viruses and other harmful entities over the Internet. The data that leaves or enters the network must pass through the firewall, which determines whether it is safe or not. The firewall will block data which doesn’t meet the determined security criteria.

Computers and devices within a business network should all be protected. To effectively do so, both hardware and software firewalls can be used.


RapidScale offers managed implementation of standard and premium firewalls along side of one of our cloud solutions and help monitor a client’s firewall. We understand the requirements of the network and how to manage it in the event that a client does not have their own IT support team.

Protect Your Data

Firewalls help to eliminate the worry of downloading viruses by protecting against questionable intruders. Managers can prohibit inappropriate Web browsing such as unauthorized access to the network as well as stopping users from downloading infected files. It’s the ideal link between our Cloud and your infrastructure.


RapidScale has layers of security that go above and beyond the traditional firewall security. RapidScale can implement parameters to help control the flow of information. You can have your own IT team manage your firewall or let RapidScale’s high quality IT team implement and manage it for you.


Routers and switches work together within a network. While switches essentially create networks, routers connect them. Routers connect computers and other devices to the Internet, allowing employees and other business users to share this connection. They also determine the best and quickest path for information to travel on.

The Basic Necessity

A router is the connection between your Cloud and its source of Internet connection. Every Cloud has to have a secure and stable connection to work at ideal speed and connectivity.

Run Multiple Carriers

We are pros at load-balancing routers between multiple networks, making it the most convenient solution for your business.


RapidScale offers the option to implement and monitor routers. If a business has an IT team in place, then after implementation, the team will manage and monitor it. However, if there is no IT team available, RapidScale offers implementation and monitoring of the installation, development, and running of the router.


Switches are used to connect the computers, printers and servers in a business network – essentially, they create the network. They allow these devices to effectively communicate with each other, and ultimately save a business money while improving employee productivity, security and customer service. Switches are essential for business communications.

Run Efficiently

With the proper switches, your network, integrated into the RapidScale Cloud, can run smoothly and effectively.

Complete Control

RapidScale switches are connected to your Cloud network, giving you optimum control and management of your Cloud. You can control and monitor hundreds of devices at once, run tests, and perform maintenance if you need to.

Stay Secure

When you can monitor and control your network, you have the ability to stay in touch with your security. RapidScale gives you access to your environment, and we also offer the option to provide management over the environment.