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RapidScale places immense value on the well-being of our employees. We continually focus on finding new ways to show appreciation for our employees and give back to our community. As RapidScale continues to grow, we will be adding new incentives to offer to our employees. Find out below why RapidScale is the best cloud company to work for!

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Employee Benefits

Our health benefits program is part of our commitment to our employees and their families. We offer competitive healthcare benefits, which include medical and dental. We also contribute to an employee’s chosen plan and have a great team in place to support any unexpected needs. We truly care about our employees and their families.

Weekly High Fives

We like to notice the little things our employees do every week. As a result, we make sure to give those that stand out “high fives” during our weekly company-wide call, which happens every Friday and is led by our CEO. Those who win a weekly high fives are personally acknowledged on the calls and receive CloudPoints. We see what you’re doing and it’s our way of saying thank you.

Corporate Events and Outings

We believe being a team and are committed to building the best cloud team in the industry. This starts by getting our company together for corporate events and outings throughout the year. From winter events to summer events, President’s Club, and family outings, we understand the importance of teamwork. Without a strong team, we wouldn’t see the success, explosive growth, and dynamics we’ve achieved as a business.

Employee Referral Program

Employees get rewarded for their referrals! A great way to find the right new team members for the RapidScale family is through employee referrals, which are #1 in employee retention rate and lead to the highest-quality candidates.

We’re proud to offer a program to incentivize current employees to refer any like-minded, talented individuals to RapidScale for any open job reqs – and yes, the incentive is a bonus!

Education Program

RapidScale values the importance of furthering our employees’ knowledge and applying that to the business. We believe knowledge is key to success, so we invest in it. We are committed to any opportunity that allows our employees the chance to grow and develop within their position. We encourage our team to partake in certifications such as Cisco, NetApp, VMware, Microsoft, higher-level degrees, training courses, and more.

Giving Back

We are committed to giving back to the community and encourage employee charitable giving as well. It’s about not always taking or expecting, but saying thank you to our communities, partners, clients, and employees. How we do this, organizationally, can be seen through programs such as our Holiday Giving program, which gives a toy to a child in need for every deal closed during the fourth quarter of each year. Other programs includes free hours of support for non-profit organizations. Employees can also earn CloudPoints for volunteering their time to any charitable organization.