NetApp recently published a success story featuring RapidScale’s implementation of NetApp flash solutions as the high-performance foundation for its customers’ production environments. Check out an excerpt from the success story below:

RapidScale set its services apart in the fiercely competitive cloud industry, choosing to support its customizable cloud solutions with NetApp All Flash FAS for optimal performance and efficiency. Its high-performing offerings improved business outcomes for customers including global manufacturers and hospitals.

Personalizing Business Cloud

RapidScale is a provider of fully managed cloud solutions that make it easy for any size business to move applications and users to the cloud. Understanding that no two businesses are the same, the company’s vision is to provide personalized, customer-oriented cloud solutions. Through RapidScale offerings such as CloudServer (IaaS) and CloudDesktop (DaaS), customers can eliminate the hassle of day-to-day updates, patches, and user management and move to the next level of productivity and profitability.

Differentiating Services in a Competitive Market

Managed cloud services are in high demand in every industry, and the competition among providers is fierce. Fast-growing cloud service providers such as RapidScale— which has doubled in size every year since inception—must differentiate their services to sustain growth and keep customer satisfaction high.

“Our customers pay for great service, and that means different things to different companies,” says William Hiatt, CTO at RapidScale. “But the one constant is that we must provide a high-performance experience at all times, or customers will go elsewhere.”

Because RapidScale serves companies of all sizes in all verticals, customer workloads are extremely variable, ranging from just a few virtual desktops to critical, high-volume manufacturing and healthcare environments. To continue to provide the best possible performance for its CloudServer and CloudDesktop offerings while supporting 100% annual growth, RapidScale needed to eliminate any possibility of contention between customer workloads.

“Under no circumstances can we ever allow ourselves to be constrained by IOPS or allow latency to creep up,” says Hiatt. “Any slowdowns could have huge ramifications for everything from patient care to global supply chains. We wanted assurance that this would never happen—and we also wanted a competitive edge to continue to differentiate our services in a competitive marketplace.”

All Flash, All the Time

“We ultimately chose NetApp based on ease of use, nondisruptive operations, and native NFS capabilities,” says Hiatt. “Plus, NetApp had a great overall package, including software features such as deduplication and compression that help make flash storage more efficient and affordable.

“We view ‘all flash, all the time’ as a competitive differentiator for us against public cloud and other cloud providers,” says Hiatt. “Moving to NetApp All Flash FAS made a lot of sense from a business standpoint, and it also helps our technical teams because they don’t have to spend time tuning individual workloads for optimal performance. It’s all on flash, and it’s always fast.”

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