RapidScale’s Latest Customer Satisfaction Score: 4.83

The industry average is 3.6. Scores are calculated on a scale of 1 to 5.

4.83 - RapidScale (August 2023)
3.6 - Industry Average
4.80 - RapidScale (July 2023)
4.73 - RapidScale (June 2023)

What is a customer satisfaction score?

Our customer satisfaction score is based on a 1-5 rating system, a process that distinguishes the quality of an interaction or product. RapidScale’s score is calculated by customers responding to the question, “How satisfied are you with the overall quality of support you received?”

Why is customer satisfaction measured?

These metrics are popular for measuring a customer’s experience with a service or product, in terms of overall satisfaction. They help prospective clients make meaningful purchasing decisions and providers identify areas for improvement.

How does scoring work?

When presented with the question, “How satisfied are you with the overall quality of support you received?“, customers are asked to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 representing “Not at all satisfied” and 5 representing “Completely satisfied”. These ratings are averaged to calculate the overall customer satisfaction score.

Average scores vary immensely by industry, but in general, a score of 3 stars represents “average”, 4 represents “great” and 5 represents “excellent”.

Customer Satisfaction Score Survey

What is RapidScale’s process?

Upon closure of every support ticket, RapidScale’s third-party tool automatically sends out customer satisfaction surveys, populating the results with no human intervention. Our customers are first asked to assign a score on a 1-5 scale, consistent with the 5-star process.

RapidScale’s survey participants also rate the Cloud Support Engineer they interacted with, with the option to provide additional feedback.

Recent Customer Feedback


I have been thrilled with RapidScale, I love the fact that when I call to initiate a ticket the technicians answer the phone. With [our last provider], we left a message then had to wait for a technician to call back. Sometimes this could take days!  Thank you, I am really happy with your services.

RapidScale quite literally re-invented our IT situation. It was a complete mess before and we are absolutely THRILLED with everything that they’ve helped us to accomplish. Our network runs smoother and our virtual environments are the best addition we’ve made in a very long time.

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