IT leaders are some of the most amazing individuals in the world. It is the IT leader who keeps the world’s IT engines running smoothly amid the constantly changing chaos and technology. And it’s this technology that today provides people and businesses with luxuries and conveniences that were unimaginable just several decades ago.

This is the story of one of our favorite customers and IT heroes, Albert Zaidner.

Albert Zaidner – IT Director of Miami Management 

Image result for miami management logoAlbert Zaidner arrived in the U.S. from Cuba at 16 years old and landed in Miami, FL. He spoke very little English, which he said was a huge initial barrier to him getting a job.

How Did He Get His First Job?

Without a penny to his name, Albert walked to the pharmacy to get medicine for his sick sister and took a job cleaning bathrooms and floors. It was his second day in the United States.

“I just walked in and asked for it!” laughed Albert.

The Technology Transition

But he wasn’t destined to hold mops and brooms forever. Albert found a love for technology at an early age and began playing with electronics wherever he could find them. His first electronics job was at Sears, and then he entered the world of communications and networking.


When Microsoft hit the technology scene and transformed personal computing and software, Albert quit his job and opened his own VAR/MSP, which he eventually built to over 300 clients. He worked with IBM XT’s, 286’s, and 10mb hard drives that had to be transported with hand trucks.

IT Leadership

Eventually, Albert gave up business ownership for employment with Miami Management, who was previously one of his clients.

“I wanted to change my life. When you start your own business, people think it’s easy. It’s not easy. I wanted peace of mind, and it worked out perfectly,” said Albert.

Today Miami Management has over 700 employees that Albert supports with a very small IT team (thanks to leveraging RapidScale services) and is loving his life.

Miami Management is a full-service management and maintenance company that credits its success to a strong foundation that incorporates customer and employee satisfaction.

Albert’s IT Leader Insights 

Albert’s Hero: “My mother. I always admired the way she displayed herself with class and dignity.”

Advice to Albert’s 30-year-old Self: “In the beginning, I used my heart instead of my head. It got in the way of me asking for what I wanted. Oh, and I’d also tell myself to spend less! But I have no regrets. If I knew then what I know now, I’d still do the same thing. The best learning lessons are often the hardest.”

Advice to Others: “In the United States, if you work hard and are honest and ethical, you can accomplish anything.”

Advice to Future IT Leaders: “Don’t lose your communication skills amidst all the technology out there (texting, emails, social media, etc.). This conversation we’re having right now is important. Human-to-human connection is critical to becoming a successful IT leader.”

What Albert Loves the Most About Work: “Every day is a new challenge. I’m able to take my knowledge outside of IT and apply it to the technical side. I’m good at synthesizing non-technical concepts into IT.”

What Albert Likes Most About Miami Management: “I know the owner well. He always walks a straight line and does everything by the book. He leads with ethics and morals, always doing what’s best for the customer and his employees. That’s hard to find these days.”

How Albert and His Team Help Drive Profits: “We focus heavily on using IT to make our employees work faster, smarter and more efficiently; on doing more with less.”

Recent Project Albert Is Most Proud Of: “I am extremely proud of moving Miami Management to the cloud with RapidScale. It was a huge task, but with RapidScale it was seamless. The team was awesome.”

Thanks, Albert. We think you’re awesome too. We’re honored and blessed to have you as a RapidScale client.