Secure and Simplify Your Users’ Logins

RapidScale’s Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is ideal for organizations wrestling with making network access easy for staff, without compromising security. Built on the backbone of Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD), our IDaaS solution provides potent security out of the box.

Better Security Included

Protect your critical data and applications no matter where they’re located – in cloud, hosted or on-premises environments. We have options supporting single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), password synchronization, and much more.

Level Up

It’s easy to make your login security even stronger with our options for identity services. Employ advanced password sync functions like user password reset and changing, writeback and more, along with a wealth of other services so you can control access more finitely.

Easy Management

It’s easy to manage your IDaaS services through our full-service portal, along with your other RapidScale solutions. Alternately, let us manage your IDaaS deployment for you so your IT team can focus on driving business objectives, instead of solving end-user identity needs.

Leading Support

You get access to our 24/7, 100% US-based, industry-leading RapidResponse Support team – and so do your end users – so your IT team can hand off those time-sapping support calls. And you’ll see why we routinely garner 4.8 out of 5 on our customer satisfaction surveys.

Available Across Our Cloud Solutions

RapidScale is the industry’s only managed cloud service provider (MCSP) that offers built-in identity management services across all of our cloud solutions. Manage user identities across complex, interconnected environments, whether they’re user-based or platform-based services.


Desktop as a Service




Security as a Service


Microsoft 365

IDaaS Options

RapidScale simplifies your journey to the cloud by helping you understand your options around managing users, devices and costs. Our IDaaS solution provides you with two simple choices:

  Basic Identity Premium Identity
Security Basic Advanced
Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) Writeback  

Password Reset

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Basic Advanced
Single Sign-On (SSO) Sync up to 10 apps Unlimited
Branded Login Page  

Maximize Login Security with Identity as a Service

Why IDaaS?

As cyberthreats have grown in prevalence and sophistication over the last five years, security has become even more important within the IT landscape to ensure the sanctity of business data and applications.

Login credentials are frequently one of the weakest links for IT teams in maintaining optimal security, without making it inordinately difficult for users to access network resources and do their jobs. Layered on top of all those considerations is the ever-present challenge of employees managing the 80 odd identities they typically have. (2020 NordPass)

This complexity is what many organizations face today, and it creates a heavily disconnected experience that becomes a treasure trove for bad actors, posing a significant risk to the business. That’s where Identity as a Service comes in – it’s the glue that binds the user experience across disparate platforms and handles complexity and potential threats.


  • Verifies users are who they claim to be
  • Grants users access to the apps, files and resources they need at the right times
  • Ensures users have access across complex environments
  • Removes dependence on security knowledge of individual users
  • Reduces risk of external threats
  • Simplifies and centralizes IT management
  • Reduces number of password-related IT issues

Identity as a Service Data Sheet

Aggregate your users’ identities, reduce risk and simplify your IT environment.

Learn more about the advantages and features of our IDaaS offering.


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