Simple Interface – Simple IT

IT organizations are overwhelmed with complex vendor relationships and a massive administrative workload. Our Portal gives you a single view into your RapidScale environment so you can self-manage common IT tasks as well as automate and orchestrate the provisioning of our cloud solutions.

Simplify IT

See all your RapidScale services in a single interface to reduce the complexity of IT management.


Configure services using a self-guided configuration tool. Manage and monitor VMs too.


Purchase and provision additional services in our marketplace, such as Microsoft 365 and Mimecast email security.


View and manage invoices easily with integrated billing.


Receive notifications and alerts and perform common IT functions such as creating user accounts, assigning licenses, and resetting passwords via self-service tools.

Service On-Demand

Submit and manage support tickets or chat directly with RapidScale support.

Services Available in Our Self-Service Portal

Innovation takes creativity, but it also takes time.

Use RapidScale’s orchestration Portal to ease the management of these solutions, so you can focus on what’s next.


Infrastructure as a Service


Desktop as a Service




Microsoft 365

Centralize Visibility, Simplify IT

The orchestration Portal is designed to give customers a single view into the solutions and services provided to them by RapidScale.   In this portal, you can provision, configure, monitor and manage a wide variety of cloud solutions so you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on driving your business forward. 

From automation that creates infrastructure blueprints to a configuration tool that allows for self-guided provisioning, RapidScale’s Portal puts complete command of your environments at your fingertips.


  • Management of virtual machines
  • End-user provisioning and licensing
  • Configuration
  • Monitoring
  • Support
  • Billing




RapidScale's Customer Portal

Are you looking for simplicity when it comes to your IT services? RapidScale's comprehensive customer portal allows customers to see all their cloud services in one place, providing convenience and efficiency.


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