Next-Gen Enterprise Mobility

Reduce worries about sensitive information being compromised through lost or stolen devices. Think of the time saved by never manually updating a device again. How about being able to say “bring it on” to bring your own device (BYOD) and “goodbye” to the blue screen of death? That’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and next-gen mobility.

Establish A New Level of Security

Data in cloud environments can be more secure than data on hard drives. Virtual desktops don’t get left in a cab or broken when dropped.

Make Internal Labor Less Laborious

Whether you own 20 laptops or 200,000, with DaaS, maintaining and updating machines is no longer time-consuming and expensive.

Virtual Desktops Don’t Die

People panic when a computer fails. With DaaS, an employee is back “up and running” as soon as they log in on a new device.

The Battle for BYOD is Over

Workers do their jobs on the tools they love, without jeopardizing security. Enterprises reduce spend by procuring less expensive hardware.

Scalability is Finally Easy and Elastic

RapidScale can begin the automated building of your base environment on the same day. Remove or add users in minutes.

Tailor Your Solution

Your business is unique. We’ll build and manage your solution based on your users’ needs, applications, workload and resources.

RapidScale Desktop as a Service

RapidScale offers a fully managed solution that eliminates time, effort and worry about patches, upgrades, end-user device troubleshooting, application integrations and testing, and security.

Choose from Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) or Citrix DaaS-based architectures to deploy the right virtual desktop environment for your unique needs, flexible enough to create hybrid implementations that enable you to manage on-premises and distributed workloads effectively.


Security as a Service


Disaster Recovery as a Service




Microsoft 365

Enable Your Mobile Workforce with DaaS

Control Your IT Universe Through a Single Pane of Glass

IT teams contribute value when they can dedicate time and resources to application development, cultivating new revenue streams and creating stellar customer experiences.

RapidScale’s Desktop as a Service creates the visibility and control you need to transform IT from a cost center to a revenue-driving entity.

Collaborate via unified communications solutions through a virtual company workspace, anywhere at any time. Employees can also access the virtual desktop environment from any device including thin and zero clients.


  • Reduce TCO by combining compute, licensing, upgrades, management, and more into a simple monthly charge
  • Automatically distribute and activate the latest technology without impacting workflow
  • Monitor and track every user session, ensuring compliance and establishing an indisputable audit trail
  • Co-management approach lets you optimize resources and control depth of contracted services
  • In-house IT still can provide needed technical support and advice to employees when needed

Dedicated, Compliant Environment

Does your industry mandate a private environment to run your desktop or unique business applications? A private environment might be the best fit for you. Our cloud engineering team can design a private virtual desktop for your organization comprised of all your business applications.

You are in control of your private desktop and can make changes to fit your needs. All your data is secure and accessible from any authenticated device.

  • Tier 1 – Tier 3 support
  • Single and multi-tenant
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Fully or hybrid managed

Built to Empower Businesses Both Large and Small

Learn how DaaS equips businesses and employees no matter where they’re working or what device they’re using.

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DaaS Data Sheet


RapidScale’s Azure Virtual Desktop

Learn how our AVD solution helps alleviate the challenges of traditional desktop deployments by providing a fast, scalable, secure, and economical virtual desktop environment.

Lumber Manufacturer Case Study

Learn how a large lumber manufacturer uses DaaS to consolidate infrastructure and take ownership of the entire IT footprint, strategy and management.


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