Tech Flexibility Only Virtualization Infuses

You don’t have to be a large enterprise to reap the advantages of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – a flexible infrastructure reducing risk, lowering capital investment, simplifying compliance and delivering reliable disaster recovery. Server virtualization also sets a foundation for making the migration to virtual desktops – yet another time- and money-saving technology that increases productivity across your business.

Cost Savings

Pay-as-you-use pricing means that you only spend money for compute and data storage consumed. Put that CapEx to use for other projects.


With our firewalls, encryption, access control and DR solutions integrated within the infrastructure, RapidScale supports your compliance efforts.


Increase capacity, add users and support business growth simply by telling us to ramp up your services – or handle it yourself.


We provide enterprise-grade infrastructure with enterprise-grade performance, backed by a 100 GB network.

Optimize Resources

We handle “mundane” tasks that are essential for operations. Meanwhile, your IT teams focus on growth and efficiency strategies.

RapidResponse Support

Our support team is built with level 1 to level 3 help desk and support engineers, trained and certified on our reliable solutions.

RapidScale Infrastructure as a Service Solutions

We power IaaS with the best infrastructure tools and utilities – delivered over our 100 GB network. You get robust performance, security, on-demand capacity and peace of mind.


RapidResponse Support


Desktop as a Service


Disaster Recovery as a Service


Security as a Service

Work Smarter with Infrastructure as a Service

Much More Than Data Storage, Where IT Teams Thrive

It’s easy to look at the cloud and data centers only as a place where data is safe. But virtualization is a catalyst for getting so much more from the cloud. It’s the logical location for applications, network connectivity to managed service providers (MSPs) and application development. It’s where IT teams thrive and where risk to data, assets and applications are minimized.

With RapidScale IaaS, there’s no single point of failure, and server, network and application management happens in seconds. The technologies we apply to make all that possible include:

  • vSphere hypervisors, NetApp storage, and Cisco UCS blade chassis
  • Cisco routers, and Fortinet and vShield Edge firewalls with industry-leading encryption
  • SOC 2, Type II annual audit
  • Industry-leading tools for monitoring the health, status and performance of infrastructure

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure in the RapidScale Cloud

Learn more about the technologies we utilize and business advantages created by engaging RapidScale for IaaS.

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IaaS Data Sheet


Why Now is the Time to Consider IaaS

Learn how Infrastructure as a Service can help you pivot from CapEx-heavy, on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based infrastructure, all while enabling greater nimbleness, scalability, and control.

Immigration Law Firm Case Study

Learn how RapidScale helped this firm move its infrastructure to the cloud and improve IT performance during a global pandemic.


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