Develop Digital Skills by Doing

Included with your RapidScale Microsoft 365 solution is Nulia Works – a brand new way to drive digital skills development in Microsoft 365, from any device, anywhere. Nulia Works is a proven way to increase users’ productivity levels in Microsoft 365.

Intelligent Tracking

Measure and evaluate using data intelligence to track employee progress by providing personalized and organizational analyses of usage.

Personalized Learning

Nulia provides users with highly personalized activities, skills, outcomes and paces based on the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Engage and reward users through gamification. Users can earn badges, gain certifications and unlock achievements in measurable outcomes.

Increased Productivity

According to Gallup, employees who work on their strengths daily are 8% more productive and 6x more likely to be engaged.

Why Digitally Enable Users?

Considerable research shows that 50% of digital productivity tools are wasted. On top of that, 70% of traditional solutions fail to gain traction.

By using RapidScale digital enablement powered by Nulia Works, organizations can enable digital productivity improvement, build user confidence, drive change that lasts, and measure success by doing.

The proof is in the numbers. Productivity improves 20-25% in organizations with connected employees (The Mckinsey Global Institute). Employees who work on their strengths daily are eight percent more productive and six times more likely to be engaged (Gallup).

Nulia Works with RapidScale

The Nulia Works platform with RapidScale encourages targeted adoption of Microsoft 365 that aligns with your corporate strategy. Fully integrated into Microsoft Teams, it gives users a mechanism for doing rather than just learning. Through this approach, businesses can foster greater adoption and implement a concrete, continuous system of measurement, personalization, and engagement.

On the flip side, users can develop digital skills in their natural flow of work with always-on engagement and personalized recommendations to meet ever-changing business goals.


  • Choose from over 47 business outcomes with over 150 different skills
  • Unlock usage of Microsoft 365 features and functions at scale across a wide range of job roles, departments, industries, and applications
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 at the tenant level for around-the-clock availability
  • Easily access Nulia via Teams or web browser
  • RapidResponse Support to assist end users directly

See It In Action

Unlock Greater Microsoft 365 Value and Adoption

Choose from over 47 business productivity outcomes.


Gain full visibility into your entire organization or at a user level with AI power insights.



Users can browse through our constantly updated “How To” page to increase productivity and gather new skills.

Nulia Works Data Sheet

Unlock greater Microsoft 365 value and adoption through training using RapidScale’s Nulia Works offering.

Download the data sheet



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