Modernize Your Network Today, Control the Edge Tomorrow

Traditional WAN is complex, expensive and difficult to manage, and can’t deliver the connectivity essential for SaaS and public cloud applications like Microsoft 365 or emerging technologies such as IoT and virtual desktops. RapidScale’s SD-WAN services centralize management and create visibility that drastically reduces bandwidth and operational costs, and improves service performance critical to seamless, satisfying end-user experiences.

Radical Cost Reduction

Dynamic routing and virtualization inside your enterprise, as well as in off-premises clouds, provide major cost advantages.

Great User Experience

Branch offices accessing applications and data experience the same quality of service (QoS) as those inside the enterprise LAN.

Enhanced Security

Our SD-WAN incorporates strong encryption, application-level security policies, and data segmentation to ensure your network is protected.

Automated Network Management

Instantly choose the best network based on defined policies while simplifying network management and administration.

Enable Virtual Desktops

Your network has the capacity and reliability to allow thin client execution and connection to cloud-based applications.

RapidScale SD-WAN Services

We are your service provider for edge services, ensuring your devices are set up and configured properly. On a go-forward basis, this service is reinforced with RapidResponse Support and Monitoring to ensure maximum uptime availability.


Desktop as a Service


Security as a Service


Custom Solution Architecture


Infrastructure as a Service

Revolutionize Your WAN with SD-WAN

SD-WAN: Best-of-Breed, Proven, Affordable Technologies

SD-WAN has matured over the past 10 years, becoming the go-to network technology because it’s agile, enables unifying separate networks into one virtualized WAN and offers the flexibility IT needs to manage hybrid network architectures. RapidScale’s fully managed SD-WAN service incorporates the newest, proven-effective technologies and enables even small enterprises to realize all the cost and performance advantages SD-WAN offers.

  • VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud™ – Enables bandwidth expansion, provides direct optimal access to cloud-based applications, and enables virtual services integration in cloud and on-premises while dramatically improving operational automation.
  • FortiGate Firewall – Multi-level advanced security providing granular visibility of applications, users, and IoT devices transferring SSL-encrypted traffic

Reshaping the Modern Enterprise Network

SD-WAN is the most significant WAN innovation in decades, and SASE is right behind. Learn how these technologies solve today’s major business challenges.

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SD-WAN Data Sheet


Solution Brief: Accelerate Your WAN, Ensure Optimized Connectivity

Check out our SD-WAN solution brief to learn how RapidScale SD-WAN helps improve connectivity and endpoint management, transport and hardware independence, bandwidth efficiency, application performance and more.

Short-Term Loan Firm Case Study

RapidScale’s SD-WAN solution mitigated this company’s pain points around latency between multiple locations and enabled intelligent quality of service routing to prioritize the company’s network traffic.


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