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RapidScale’s Cloud Partner Program

RapidScale leads the cloud computing industry in providing superior partner support, training, and account acquisition strategy through a network of cloud partners, which include Agents, Master Agents, VARs, MSPs, White Label Partners, and Wholesale Partners.


RapidScale has the best cloud Agent Program in the industry. Our Channel Agent Program is built to provide unmatched service and support to our sales partners for our managed cloud solutions.

Master Agent

RapidScale offers one of the most complete cloud solutions for Master Agents to add to their portfolio. We offer aggressive commissions, reliable solutions, and one of the best Channel Sales teams in the industry.

White Label

The RapidScale Wholesale Program is buy-rate-based. You own the client, manage the client, and support the client for these cloud solutions: Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Hosted Exchange, and Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Bill & Brand

The goal of the Bill & Brand program is simple: your brand with our platform, “We Care” support, and a team committed to the growth of your cloud services program.

Our Partners

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Partner Testimonials

  • I checked out some new partner resources – great stuff. We are already getting some good traction here. You guys really offer some great support!!
  • After being introduced to RapidScale at an event, I cannot help but be more impressed each time I hear more. I attended a webinar too, and once again, I’m really impressed with the opportunities. When I looked in your Partner Portal for the first time I thought, “Wow was I crazy for not looking sooner!” Great stuff in there.
  • I LOVE THIS TECHNOLOGY.  I am so excited to be in this new phase within our organization. As a proud partner of RapidScale, this week alone I’ve dealt with 3 major consultations in Colorado with hundreds of employees each! This technology is truly exciting stuff. They make the process so easy, from training, to quoting, to installation! I LOVE HOW EASY THAT WAS. Amazing. You all ROCK!

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Benefits of Being a RapidScale Partner

Full Marketing Support

RapidScale offers partners an immense knowledge base full of training materials, customer-facing collateral, fully developed and tested marketing campaigns, and much more. Log into our Partner Portal or request credentials here to view all of our resources available.


RapidScale has developed a world-class training environment for our sales partners: CloudUniversity. CloudUniversity allows sales partners to take self-paced courses ranging from complete cloud introductions, to technical deep-dives, to selling how-tos for industries and decision makers. It’s the first stop for any new sales partner to get their cloud education up and running.

Sales Support

RapidScale offers their sales partners a unique partnership for selling cloud solutions. RapidScale provides numerous resources during the sales process including dedicated Channel Managers, Sales Engineers, Cloud Roadmapping, Project Managers, and much more. We specialize in side-by-side selling to ensure you have everything needed to close new deals.

Explore the Power of the Channel

Your clients go to you as a trusted adviser for the latest and greatest in the world of telecommunications and cloud services. We want to help you offer the best in managed cloud computing services to your potential customers. By becoming a RapidScale cloud Channel partner and consulting your customers on Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, and Hosted Exchange solutions with RapidScale, you’re not only going to make a great residual and upfront commission, but you’re going to be providing your customers with a great cloud provider. We offer healthy commissions and a backbone structure that allows you to have access to all the knowledge and support you might need when trying to procure a new customer or up-sell into your existing base of customers.

We Want You to Experience Success

RapidScale acts as an agent backbone when it comes to expertise and resources. We pride ourselves in having the best channel support, engineering support, and customer support in the cloud computing industry.

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Master Agent Strategy

We understand as a Master Agent you have tons of cloud computing companies to choose from, so why RapidScale? Simply stated, we have a “We Care…” business strategy which goes above and beyond for the world of Master Agents. Additionally, our founders understand the Master Agent strategy as our CEO has sat on the Channel Partner’s Advisory Board and has been part of the channel for more than 15 years. He is committed to the channel and to our Master Agent strategy.

We understand your commitment is to protecting your sub-agents through the agreements you put in place and to providing aggressive commissions and incentive programs to your sub-agents. Since we clearly understand this as an organization, our commitment to you is that we will not only create the best win-win Master Agent agreement, but will go above and beyond to support your Master Agency and your sub-agents.

Cloud Computing Keys to Success for Master Agents:

  • Cloud computing training, from basic to advanced, is crucial. We understand the first initiative for Master Agents is education so that agents are able to embrace the cloud and to engage with their clients in cloud opportunities.
  • We differentiate ourselves through road shows, educational seminars, trade show events, and day-to-day support by a team of CloudEngineers and your dedicated Channel Manager.
  • Creating win-win partnerships with your sub-agents is crucial to the success of any partnership with a Master Agent. We have been doing this successfully for many years, and we believe our process and support system will help grow your Master Agent revenues and provide your sub-agents with a quality cloud computing partner.

The Master Agent Difference

  • Aggressive commissions lead the way in our Master Agent program. We understand every Master Agent must get paid for the life of their accounts at the highest available commission rate.
  • Upfront spiffs are a differentiator in our Master Agent strategy. We understand the value of new business and have built into our profitability tools an upfront spiff program for Master Agents as well as additional incentive programs.
  • The RapidScale quoting process for Master Agents and their sub-agents is simple. You’re provided with a Channel Manager who handles each and every quote opportunity you have.
  • Every Channel Manager is supported by a Senior Cloud Computing Engineer whose job is to design client roadmaps for Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Disaster Recovery as a Service as well as quote any cloud computing opportunity brought in by a Master Agent or their sub-agents.
  • It is RapidScale’s organizational goal to have every quote back to the Master Agent or their sub-agent within 24-48 hours of the opportunity.
  • With cloud computing being an ecosystem of IT solutions, often RapidScale is asked to in-person meetings and/or conference calls with Master Agents or sub-agents and their customers. This is something we embrace and view as a differentiator between our competitors’ channel partner programs and ours.
  • Cloud computing strategy planning for Master Agents is something we pride ourselves on providing to new Master Agents and their sub-agents as it is truly a differentiator for RapidScale.

Program Overview

RapidScale provides an entire suite of managed cloud computing services for our White Label and Wholesale partners. RapidScale’s White Label program offers the ability for every partner to build a cloud computing business model without building a team of level 3 Engineers and collocation facilities or managing the compute and applications around Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Disaster Recovery as a Service. We provide our partners with an aggressive compute and level 3-based buy-rate program, a dedicated account manager and team to support your partnership.

If you are a telecommunications carrier, data provider, IT solutions company, phone system company, VAR, MSP, Web hosting provider, CMS provider, or systems integrator and are looking for a company to partner with for cloud computing solutions for new and existing customers, RapidScale is the right company.

Program Benefits

  • We provide superior customer service to our Wholesale partners.
  • We provide our Wholesale partners with level 3 Engineering support 24x7x365.
  • With a fully managed cloud offering, Wholesale partners are poised to have an aggressive at-market solution for their customers
  • We provide an aggressive compute buy-rate program for managed Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Hosted Exchange, and Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions.
  • The Wholesale buy-rate program is tailored to the way you want to sell to and support your clients.
  • We offer flexible contracts and can scale up and down quickly.
  • We bill our partners twice a month on the 1st and 15th.
  • Our marketing team will assist our Wholesale partners with the launch of cloud computing services.
  • The more successful you are at launching cloud computing services as a Wholesale partner, the stronger our partnership will become.

Getting Started

RapidScale Wholesale service providers must comply with a series of business standards that RapidScale sets forth in order to assure compliance and success as a partner.

  • Wholesale business partners must have been in business for more than two years in order to apply for a partnership with RapidScale.
  • Wholesale business partners must have a billing platform established for launch.
  • Wholesale business partners must have a 24x7x365 call center support system in place with trouble ticketing.
  • Wholesale business partners must have level 1 and 2 cloud Engineers in place 24x7x365.
  • RapidScale requires the Wholesale business partner to provide copies of the Articles of Incorporation and Name Registration from the Secretary of State in the state in which they are incorporated before an agreement is signed.
  • Wholesale business partners must have a pricing plan presentable for RapidScale and pricing must not be lower than RapidScale’s standard pricing.
  • Wholesale business partners must handle all end user taxes associated to the services they are providing under the White Label Partner program to Wholesale partner’s client.
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Bill & Brand Program Overview

RapidScale provides an entire suite of cloud computing solutions for our Bill & Brand partners. Every partner is different, but most customers are looking to go to the cloud in one form or another. RapidScale’s Bill & Brand Program offers the ability for our partners to sell fully supported and managed cloud computing services under their name, “Powered by RapidScale”. RapidScale offers this program because we value partner’s brands and their desire to strengthen them both regionally and nationally.

If you’re a telecommunications carrier, data provider, IT solutions company, phone system company, VAR, MSP, Web hosting provider, CMS provider, or systems integrator looking for the right company to partner with to sell cloud computing services under your brand, RapidScale is that company.

Program Benefits

  • We provide superior “We Care” customer support to your clients.
  • We provide level 1 through level 3 engineering support 24x7x365.
  • We provide project management and account management to your clients.
  • We provide competitive pricing for our solutions so you can win the business under your name while strengthening your brand both regionally and nationally. The solutions include: Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Disaster Recovery as a Service. Our solutions consist of CloudDesktop, CloudServer, CloudRecovery, CloudOffice,CloudMail, CloudFiles, and CloudApps.
  • We can scale up and down quickly.
  • When it comes to Desktop as a Service (CloudOffice and CloudDesktop), we are the leader in Bill & Brand partnerships.
  • When it comes to Sales Engineering large complex opportunities, we have a team that is here for you. Don’t feel like you’ll be left out on your own trying to sell cloud to your clients.
  • Our marketing team will assist our Bill & Brand partners so that they can get off the ground quickly without having to develop their own marketing content for themselves. We provide all of our marketing materials to our Bill & Brand partners under their brand, “Powered by RapidScale”.
  • Our SLA is 100% uptime*

*See our Terms and Conditions

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