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Cloud Partition, in partnership with Intelisys, the largest distributor of telecom, cloud and cable services offers their services in the Jacksonville area. Intelisys offers their services only through authorized partners like Cloud Partition. Intelisys supports Cloud Partition to best align technology objectives with our customers’ business technology and strategy objectives.

What that means for you…

• Cloud Partition has access to most of the providers in the world and can choose the best for your business without any pressure or quotas.
• In coordination with Intelisys, we can access the best telecom, cloud, and cable services prices found anywhere in the market.
• We have access to C-level decision makers at both the largest and the most niche suppliers in the world and everyone in between.
• Our support teams work with their support team to resolve escalations quickly and effectively. No waiting on the phone with low-level customer support.
• Intelisys telecom and cloud engineers work with Cloud Partition, and with chosen suppliers, to determine the best solution for your business, and our specialists work with Cloud Partition to find further cost savings, efficiency, and strategic solution for your business.
• You get THREE TEAMS working to create the best solution for you at no additional cost.

Technology moves fast – Today’s technology solutions are a team game…And the strongest team wins…You’re now backed by the strongest teammates in the world

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