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Welcome to Koi…It’s not the fish.

“The Koi mission is not to sell to those who need what we have, it’s to partner with those who believe in what we believe.”

For innovative and decisive CIOs, Directors of IT and business decision makers, Koi’s Technology Architects re-align current market perceptions with the reality of tangible and intangible business results. These results are created within Koi’s comprehensive, proactive and ongoing services, which conversely compare to the typical telecom and IT sales reps that never uncover true value from a “cost savings” or “reactive customer service” plan.

Koi Consulting Group, Inc.

Koi is a unique Telco and IT Consulting Firm. We are professionals when it comes to VOICE, DATA and CLOUD. Our offerings include professional consulting services, traditional telecom services, managed services, hosted solutions, cloud services, client support services, project management, contract management and professional services.

We Offer Solutions, Not Proposals

Koi understands that no two clients are alike in their design and business requirements. Our solutions help each client identify and address potential opportunities, as well as uncover any unforeseen inefficiencies that are impacting their network. Based on our experience and resources, Koi manages the development of the technology architectures that are of high quality and consistent with the blueprints and road maps within the client’s organizational framework and standards.

We are Strategic and Tactical

Koi aligns communication technologies to their optimum performance levels relative to the people they serve. We recommend and help implement strategic plans and services that complement these ideal levels. As the client environment constantly changes, Koi continues to improve efficiencies, quality of service and cost. We keep clients focused on their core business, freeing them from lost time accompanied by the financial and emotional burdens experienced when there are interruptions to their networks.

Koi’s Proactive Attitude

Koi understands that uptime is critical to keeping your business profitable and your customers happy. Our service and process has been keenly developed to minimize downtime and maximize performance. We’re serious about your business even when your network is up and running smoothly.

Customer Support Made Simple

Koi’s flexible Voice, Data & Cloud Help Desk empowers our clients to more effectively manage their communication environment and relationships with their Service Providers. This robust service provides a unique opportunity for businesses to obtain a virtual team of experts at a fraction of the cost.

Koi is Not Working Merely to Sell Services

We are passionate about sharing our experience and helping clients become aware that they have been taught to expect less than they deserve.

You deserve more. 

Experience our experience. 

Welcome to Koi.

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