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As a business you basically have two choices when it comes to handling your Telecommunications and Cloud Computing needs. PSI provides our services at zero charge to you! We’ll never send you an invoice. It’s in PSI’s best interest to see that you’re getting the best service possible month after month, year after year, which is why we are successful and our clients love us.

The Hard Way

Your first option is to handle it all yourself. You will need to either hire someone to acquire and manage voice, data and cloud computing services or hope that someone already on staff can handle it. Either way, your company will always be left to call the company’s 800 number and speak to a different person each time assistance is needed. Even then, your question may not get answered, your need not met, or your problem not solved. This can be frustrating, costly, time consuming, and could increase your business risk.

The Easy Cost Efficient Way

The best option is to partner with an expert and let them do the heavy lifting with the pricing as you would have with a carrier or cloud computing company.

Our Value Added Services

  • Complete analysis of your current telecom and cloud computing services.
  • Cost analysis focused on an ROI/cost-savings. (We understand companies in this tough economy only make changes when ROI is involved or when there is an immediate need for change.)
  • Installation management to ensure that your service is ordered and installed correctly and quickly
  • Post-installation support for moves, adds, changes, trouble tickets, bill analysis, and ongoing advice. (We know our carriers and cloud computing service providers. We know who to talk to when something needs attention, and we know who to call when we need added support for our clients, such as escalations. We send a lot of business to our carrier partners and in return they respond to our needs and requests for our clients. We’ve been doing this for 15 years and we know how to get what you need.)
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