Comprehensive Cloud Observability

48% of companies store their most sensitive data in the cloud, which means there is no margin for error when it comes to cloud security. Our end-to-end suite of automated monitoring and observability tooling has your entire cloud environment covered, with our engineering team ready to remediate and respond at a moment’s notice. We use application logs, infrastructure metrics, anomaly detection, usage monitoring, and everything in between to keep your business operating smoothly.


of companies store their most sensitive data on the cloud

Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response

Over the last decade, our Advanced Monitoring has saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and alerted them to potential incidents that default AWS or Azure monitoring did not detect.

Cloud Reliability Platform

Our Cloud Reliability Platform proactively scans cloud resources in real-time, detects potential problems, and remediates issues before they become customer-facing outages.

  • 30 years of mission-critical experience seamlessly integrated into our Cloud Reliability Platform
  • Platform automation programmatically enables our team to provide fast and effective support
  • Leverages cloud-native monitoring (Amazon CloudWatch, Security Hub, Azure Monitor), application performance monitoring with Datadog, and security monitoring with Alert Logic, Trend Micro, and Orca

Elevate your cloud monitoring and improve incident management with comprehensive cloud operations – powered by our Cloud Reliability Platform. Schedule a call with a certified cloud specialist today.

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Incident Response

As part of our Cloud Operations service, we monitor your AWS and Azure infrastructure 24/7/365 for availability, performance, and operational status. Our goal is to rapidly discover incidents so that they can be investigated and remediated by our Network Operations Center (NOC) engineers.

  • Our engineers respond to all alarms based on custom runbook and severity levels
  • Dedicated incident response protocol for Sev1 tickets

Key Benefits

Fast Time to Resolution

Tiered support to elevate faster incident response and incident management

Control Configuration Drift

Customer’s configuration and services preferences are validated against their cloud environment in real-time

Don’t Miss Critical Alerts & Cut Through Noise

Combine platform automation and 24/7 cloud support to detect and address alerts quickly

Monitoring Agent Management

All required ISV tools are automatically procured, installed on cloud resources, and health-checked

Policy Enforcement

Proactively scans cloud infrastructure for compliance with security and compliance policies

Data Loss Prevention

Uses AI/ML to detect the presence of high-risk data like personal information, credit card numbers, and healthcare information

Transparency & Cost Control

Multi-cloud view of customer resources increases efficiency in cloud operations for security, operations, and cost optimization


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