Companies plan to modernize 78% of their custom applications in the next year.

Transform Applications & Improve Reliability

Our services are designed to unlock the true potential of your application modernization journey. We specialize in uncovering the core structural deliverables essential for the success of your project. Our comprehensive approach results in a plan that not only encompasses your chosen platforms but also breaks down the project into manageable development phases and milestones. We work with you to establish a clear budget and timeline that aligns with your goals.

Our Application Modernization Services

Application Refactoring

Turn cost into value, deconstruct complexity, and execute your plan with Application Modernization powered by Logicworks. Overcome staffing, risk, and internal hurdles with our nimble team of specialists who are available when you need them. We focus on updating legacy codebases and operating systems, breaking monolithic apps into microservices, implementing DevOps & CI/CD automation, containerizing applications, building serverless workloads, and migrating/modernizing database platforms.

  • Enhance compatibility
  • Embrace microservices
  • Unlock PaaS capabilities
  • Containerization expertise
  • Harness the power of serverless architecture

Cloud Enablement

Once your applications are ready for the cloud, our cloud engineering teams deploy to automated infrastructure.

  • Architecture design on AWS & Azure
  • Terraform and packer automation
  • Development of migration factory for large-scale migrations
  • Installation of proprietary and COTS source code in the cloud
  • Testing and go-live transition support
  • Continuing application development support

Cloud & Development Platforms

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