83% of IT decision-makers reported implementing DevOps practices to unlock higher business value.

Master Your Cloud Environment, Unleash Agility

Our DevOps and Site Reliability engineers adopt a holistic approach to designing and constructing cloud and code pipeline ecosystems. By leveraging cloud automation, infrastructure as code, cloud-native paradigms, and advanced tooling management, we equip you to navigate change, foster innovation, and engineer a future-proof solution.

  • Automate scaling and recovery in the cloud
  • Accelerate software delivery velocity and decrease time to market
  • Streamline operations to increase engineering efficiency

"Logicworks not only excelled in DevOps and cloud security, but their culture set them apart. Their expertise, dedication, and culture made them the clear choice."

— Jens Skijoedt, Director of Customer Support at Stibo


Elevate Through DevOps Excellence

Our integration of DevOps engineering practices and cutting-edge tooling empowers you to concentrate on your applications and nurture innovation.

Modernize with Kubernetes

Navigate Amazon EKS or Azure Kubernetes Service with confidence through our configuration and management expertise.

Build with Terraform

Unlock the potential of self-service infrastructure-as-code pipelines with our tailor-made Terraform modules.

Govern Configuration with Precision

Exercise control over cloud resource configurations using Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Salt, Jenkins, and more.

Harness AWS-Native DevOps

From AWS CodeDeploy to CodePipeline, we engineer automated code delivery mechanisms.

Excel with Azure DevOps

Accelerate your CI/CD pipeline with Azure Pipelines, Azure Artifacts, and other Azure DevOps components.

Seamless Integration with Your Tools

Whatever your DevOps toolkit entails, RapidScale seamlessly integrates and optimizes its usage.

Core Attributes

  • Automated Infrastructure-as-Code – Our assortment of secure, customized infrastructure templates streamlines your processes.
  • Containers in the Cloud – Evaluate, design, and establish cloud-ready container clusters on AWS and Azure.
  • Craft Tailored CI/CD Pipelines – Collaborate with our team to design an integrated code and infrastructure CI/CD pipeline tailored to your application and deployment strategy.
  • Empower through SRE – Our software-centric cloud management embraces Site Reliability Engineering principles, promoting standardized configurations, desired state enforcement, and seamless deployment.
  • Champion DevSecOps & Security AutomationHarness our security automation prowess to safeguard your vital data and foster continuous compliance.
  • Optimize with Configuration ManagementOur bespoke scripts fine-tune your cloud architecture for swift scalability and instant failover.
  • Reinforce through HardeningAutomatically generated, compliance-validated AMIs aligned with your bespoke hardening criteria.
  • Streamline with Agent ManagerEffortlessly acquire, install, and monitor required ISV tools on cloud resources.



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