AWS Control Tower

AWS Control Tower is a purpose-built management standard for deploying, organizing, and governing multiple AWS Accounts. Control Tower allows you to deploy accounts programmatically by using predetermined templates that assign specific controls (also referred to as guardrails). Security, identity management, logging, cost management, and other key business functions can be defined and executed through a successful Control Tower implementation. Control Tower operates across Organizational Units and defines rulesets through Service Control Policies. Control Tower Account Factory automates the deployment and configuration of new accounts.

Sessions & Milestones

Briefing & Discovery

RapidScale will lead a workshop to introduce core concepts, including use cases, management, automation, and governance. The requirements for your deployment will be identified and documented to align our technical resources around your project goals & objectives.

Walkthrough/ Demonstration

Our team will walk you through your AWS Control Tower and provide hands-on guidance as your Administrators create a new account, deploy a VPC, and provision user access through the AWS IAM Identity Center.

Documentation Package

When your deployment is complete, we will provide as-built documentation for your AWS Control Tower, including a customized backlog of improvements and next steps.

Scope and Details


AWS Region

AWS Organizations OU Structure

Guardrails Review

User Access & Permissions

IP Addressing Strategy

AWS Security Hub

Customizations for Control Tower


Default Control Tower in Desired Region

Administer Guardrails

Configure Account Factory

Provide Reusable IAC Template for Default VPC

Standardized Networking & Route Tables

Administer AWS SSO Configuration (can include integration with Active Directory)

Document Multi-Account Structure and Governance Strategy

Deploy Up To 2 Customizations for Control Tower (CfCT)

Cloud Solution Documentation detailing Control Tower Solution

Architecture Diagram and Technical Specifications

Talk to a Cloud Expert