AWS Cost Optimization

FinOps and AWS cost management can be challenging for most organizations. Spikes in cloud costs, sticker shock on AWS bills, and unpredictable cloud spend are common issues that our AWS Cost Optimization service can alleviate. Our AWS FinOps experts can help you identify cost anomalies, review resource tagging for cost reporting, and evaluate your cost monitoring practice. 

AWS Cost Optimization Process & Milestones

FinOps Best Practices 

Our FinOps experts will review AWS cost management best practices. RapidScale will also examine your current costs, understand your existing resources, and any cost optimization efforts that you have already performed.

AWS Cost Analysis

Our AWS FinOps experts will help you install 3rd party tooling (CloudHealth) to analyze your AWS utilization and generate detailed cost reporting. A one-month subscription to CloudHealth is included in the AWS Cloud Optimization Accelerator package*. Certified AWS experts will work with you to set up a read-only IAM role that allows CloudHealth to observe your cost and usage data.

**NOTE** The client is responsible for installing and configuring CloudHealth agents.

Cost Recommendations

AWS FinOps experts will review your cost analysis findings and make recommendations for you to save on your AWS bill. These recommendations include identifying underutilized resources, steps to implement cost tagging, and how to leverage ongoing cost monitoring.

AWS Cost Optimization Scope

AWS Cost Optimization Deliverables

Up to one month of CloudHealth licensing

Information session outlining FinOps

Customization of CloudHealth data analysis

Recommendations report

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