Our Database Migration and Transformation Services

Data Transformation is a key component of migrating to the cloud. Whether you are upgrading from a legacy database platform to a cloud-native solution or implementing data analytics, RapidScale offers end-to-end Data Transformation Services powered by Logicworks.

  • Securely and reliably migrate your critical data to your platform of choice
  • Replatform to open-source or cloud-native database platforms
  • Access Certified SQL and NoSQL DBAs
  • Optimize your database for the cloud

AWS & Azure Database Migration

Migrating your on-premises database to AWS or Azure can reduce the burden of database management, significantly cut licensing costs, and enable you to easily add storage capacity on demand. Our team can help you re-platform your database and migrate to a fully-managed cloud service.

1. Plan & Analyze

Define your migration goals and timeline. Choose the right target database system based on your needs business objectives

2. Data Replication

Extract data from the source database, transform it to match the new schema, and load it into the target database.

3. Schema Conversion

Generate scripts to create the new schema and migrate data, ensuring a smooth transition.

4. Testing

Thoroughly test the new schema and migrated data for accuracy, functionality, and performance.

5. Migrate

Execute schema changes and migrate data during a scheduled downtime.

Data Analytics Services

One of the most powerful advantages of storing your data in the cloud is the ability to leverage analytics and business intelligence. Our team can help create new data analytics from scratch or migrate and modernize your existing systems.

  • Create a new Data Lake, Data Warehouse, and/or Business Intelligence solution on AWS or Azure
  • Assess and improve data integrity across a myriad of sources for use in analytics
  • Analyze and implement ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) systems to aggregate your data
  • Customize the Presentation Layer of your new analytics system according to your Key Performance Indicators

Data & Analytics Platforms

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