RapidScale President Mark Szotkowski and Marketing Manager Sommer Figone launched the month of June Sales Webinar series discussing the RapidScale experience! If you happened to miss the webinar please click this link for the recording, or check out our brief synopsis below!

As many would have guessed, education about a products functionalities and benefits for a business is key to developing a sale. A recent study was done where customers were surveyed about salespeople – customers stated 88% of the salespeople were knowledgeable on their product but 24% were knowledgeable on business expertise. Generating sales is not just about knowing the product anymore, it has to go hand in hand with educating businesses on how their own products can best serve those who purchase them.

The June Sales Webinar on the RapidScale Experience touched on three key points: Partnership Options, Partner Marketing and Client Experience.

Partner Experience:

Partnership Options

RapidScale offers many partnership options:

  • Retail/Agent – RapidScale’s Channel Agent Program is built to provide unmatched service and support to your sales partner for our managed cloud solutions.
  • Master Agent –  RapidScale’s “We Care” business strategy goes above and beyond for the world of Master Agents along with providing aggressive commissions.
  • White Label – The RapidScale Wholesale Program is buy-rate based. You own the client, manage the client, and support the client for their solutions.
  • Bill & Brand & MSP/VAR – Your brand with RapidScale’s platform, “We Care” support, and a team committed to the growth of your cloud services program.

RapidScale utilizes distinct and superior strategies to assist partners in their specific verticals they reside in so they have the ability to provide businesses with a great experience.

RapidScale contains support stations across the nation, ready and willing to assist you at any moment. The RapidScale Partner Experience Managers, Solutions Engineers and more are at your finger tips whenever you need. RapidScale continues to expand across the nation to teach and assist partners by constructing various programs to utilize.

Partner Training: Partners can become stagnate when dedicated to one learning process. At RapidScale, partners can explore different types of methods to help them learn and develop a more knowledgeable base of RapidScale’s products and services.

Lunch and Learns: RapidScale provides partners in-person trainings where the Partner Experience leaders dive deeper on how to sell RapidScale effectively – a free lunch doesn’t hurt either! 

Along with interacting with the RapidScale team it is encouraged that partners gather key insights with their personal regional Partner Experience Manager to get additional information on how to better engage with clients.

Webinars: RapidScale provides two Webinars a month that are sales and technical focused that dive deeper into sale strategies, software demos, platform updates and much more. RapidScale even offers custom training for partners who may have a specific request. RapidScale prides themselves in providing the help you need in order to succeed!  

CloudUniversity: CloudUniversity is an online teaching platform to educate partners through different interactive lessons that range from – how to sell cloud to what the cloud is. With CloudUniversity RapidScale brings the classroom to you, check it out here! 

TechTalks: RapidScale’s monthly TechTalks showcase the leaders of RapidScale in a two minute video to reveal insights and knowledge on RapidScale updates, industry market landscapes and much more!

Partner Marketing:

RapidScale puts in the time to figure out how to give partners the best resources to make things more efficient for them. RapidScale’s Partner Portal contains various Marketing collateral that have been custom made for partners!

Partners can request access to the Partner Portal by contacting RapidScale’s Marketing Department at marketing@rapidscale.net 

Marketing Collateral: To assist the selling process RapidScale has diverse Marketing collateral that vary from personalized cobrandable, customer-facing content to multiple case studies that reveal the positive impact cloud computing has had on specific verticals. 

Email Marketing Program: RapidScale has recently announced newly updated email marketing templates, which provides partners with pre-built marketing campaigns to assist them on their reach, however, RapidScale also allows partners to customize their own marketing campaigns that they feel can gear their businesses more towards their targeted audience. The end goal is to create a space where partners can communicate with their customer base successfully.

Social Media: Since 2010 social media has been growing exponentially by the millions, a study was done in 2014 to reveal just how many businesses use social media and the number was a staggering 88%, by 2017 that number is expected to rise to 90%. Utilizing social media can not only define your businesses brand perception but allows you to engage with your audience. RapidScale can help partners with their social media through RapidScale’s marketing collateral, TechTalks and pictures/videos from events! 

Client Experience:

RapidScale strives to grow with their partners, and continues to develop a great client experience. RapidScale believes that trust isn’t given, it’s earned. That trust starts by utilizing 24/7/365 RapidScale Support Center that gives clients the personal assistance they want on a platform that allows them to give feedback on RapidScale services.

An Experience Managed: RapidScale Cloud Management does not just stop with a 24x7x365 support team, check out the different ways RapidScale manages the client’s cloud computing approach: 

  • Design and Testing for Applications
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Licensing Management
  • End-User Device Management
  • Patches and Updates

RapidScale continues to improve so onboarded clients can be given the best client experience. Understanding that all partners are unique in their own business approach, enables RapidScale to continue providing opportunities for clients and partners to grow and succeed! 

If you want to learn more about RapidScale, probe the website!

Check out our next webinar on Wednesday, June 21st 9 AM PST on Face Today’s Cyber Threats Technical Training with Dylan Bouterse, we encourage you to ask questions as we dive deep into the common cyber security threats and how you can be prepared for these scenarios!