One of RapidScale’s core goals is to provide the best client experience. A key way we accomplish this is through our Support team. The RapidScale Support team interacts with many of our customers on a daily basis, and in order to provide a great customer experience we have a very well-defined process in place.

How to Submit a Ticket

There are three ways that clients can report issues with our Support team.

  1. The first is through our 800 number, which customers can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. They’ll get a live Cloud Support Engineer on the phone to help them with their issue directly.
  2. The second avenue is submitting an email to This automatically creates a ticket in RapidScale’s ticketing system, which gets directly sent to our Support team to handle.
  3. The third and final option for customers is to head to our Support website, where customers will find a link to Submit a Ticket. It’s as easy as filling out a form, which in turn creates a ticket that will be quickly sent to Support.

Support Escalation

When it comes to priority level or issue severity, we have a standard priority list that is given to clients during the onboarding process. How does this work? Once we are about to go live on a client project, we have a closeout call during which we go through the escalation process and how to contact RapidScale Support to open a ticket and report issues. The priority levels range anywhere from a P1 issue, which covers extremely critical business-affecting issues, all the way down to P5, or low priority issues, which tend to be requests like having an app installed in a virtual desktop environment.

Another Support goal is to reach out to a customer live via phone once an issue is reported. We feel this is the most efficient and effective way to troubleshoot, because we can see what they see versus going back and forth via email or chat. Once the ticket is received, a Cloud Support Engineer is assigned and they reach out to the customer via phone to connect. Our Cloud Support Engineers can remote into a client’s desktop session and actually evaluate the error message, performance, or whatever issue the customer is experiencing to resolve it the same day.

Of course, not all issues can be resolved the same day. If on initial contact, a ticket cannot be closed, we escalate it to the next tier of Support, of which we have three. If it is beyond a Support issue, tickets can even be escalated to our Engineering department or directly to our CTO to ensure that we’re providing the best customer experience.

Combined with the best customer service, technical knowledge, and product expertise, the RapidScale Support team prides itself in being able to serve our customers with our signature “We Care” mentality. Our team is trained and certified to help with delivering quick, reliable, and efficient solutions to any customer issue that may arrive.

RapidScale’s Support team is absolutely critical to the success of the organization and achieving the goal of offering the greatest client experience in the industry. If you have any questions about Support or the process described above, feel free to reach out!

Watch Director of Service Delivery Andrew Salisbury’s overview of RapidScale Support below!