What Are Your Cloud Objectives?

The cloud migration conversation has shifted from “if” to “what’s the best solution for us?” Flexibility in your cloud deployment strategy and management is the key to achieving your objectives, whether it’s cost reduction, extracting more useful business intelligence from data or freeing your IT team to focus on specific business priorities.

Reduce and Control Costs

Going virtual comes with predictable cost advantages. No hardware investment, pay-as-you-go pricing and reduced capital expenses, just to name three.

Optimize User Experience

Milliseconds matter for business. A virtual infrastructure responds to bursts in demand, and puts applications and data close to users, for an any-time, any-device, any-where experience.

Simplify Compliance

Tier 3 data centers supports meeting regulations for healthcare, finance, government, and other highly regulated industries.

Migration Services

RapidScale cloud experts are ready to take your migration from vision to implementation, with minimal impact to your business.


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What Differentiates Your Enterprise Differentiates Your Cloud Migration

Managing your cloud migration isn’t just a matter of deciding hosting platforms and application distribution. RapidScale works with you to build a tailored migration strategy that reduces operational expenses, provides employees with secure access to company data and apps, and gives you the depth of infrastructure control you want.

Our migration services are performed by RapidScale engineers, not contractors, enabling a smooth transition as well as knowledgeable support for your new environment.

  • Application distribution focused on user experience
  • Data storage based on business needs and industry requirements
  • Hybrid environment built and configured for agility and growth
  • Co-management aligned to your IT skills and in-house resources
  • Security strategies appropriate to risk and resiliency, without impeding productivity
  • Infrastructure balancing bandwidth demand and budget

How to Find the Right Cloud

Finding the right cloud solution for your busi­ness takes some effort, but it’s worth it. We describe eight signs that will tell you if the cloud is right for you.

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