Operate from a Position of Strength

A multi-layer defense strategy tailored to your business, reaching from virtual desktops to hosting your data in our Tier 3 data centers, can put you into a position that enables both business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Virtual Desktop Security

Virtual desktops aren’t just incredibly easy to manage. They also have incredible security capabilities.

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Protection

Unified Security Management provides an all-in-one approach to security management and threat detection.

Vigilant Services and Support

We complement our USM technology with a team of security experts, creating a complete security solution at a competitive price point.

Data Protection Services from RapidScale

Businesses of every size, in every industry, can be better protected with our suite of security services.


Desktop as a Service


Managed Cloud Security



We Take Data Security Personally

You trust us with your most valuable assets. As your partner, we treat them like they are our own. Through hundreds of engagements with businesses of all sizes, across multiple industries, we’ve learned how to blend risk assessment, security solutions and threat detection strategies to stay ahead of cybersecurity attacks. We implement security policies developed in collaboration with your IT team.

In addition to the security we establish by implementing virtual desktops, encryption and fully managed firewalls, we partner with leading backup and storage providers to protect mission-critical data.

Mitigate cloud risk and data mobility costs while maintaining data control across your on-premises and cloud resources.

  • Unified Security Management platform accelerates and simplifies threat detection, incident response and compliance management
  • Security, archiving and continuity services protect business email and deliver comprehensive email risk management, in one fully-integrated service
  • Web application firewall, DDoS mitigation, content acceleration and global load balancing optimize web security and application delivery
  • Support compliance with regulations governing retail, finance, healthcare, government and more industries

Protecting Your Business with a Full Security as a Service Portfolio

Get the details on how RapidScale’s portfolio of security solutions addresses business data vulnerabilities.

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Protecting Your Business with a Full Security as a Service Portfolio

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