The financial industry has more ways to connect with customers than ever before. Around 50% of consumers use mobile banking, and 40% use digital experiences for insurance. The opportunity is massive. But to take advantage of this emerging trend, financial services firms must be able to scale their platforms and applications at the same pace their markets move. RapidScale’s portfolio of managed cloud services can help firms securely augment their capacity, modernize their applications, and secure transactions at their regional offices. 

Private Cloud Solutions

A Cloud Custom-Built for Financial Services

RapidScale offers the highest quality protection for your data and information in our secure, redundant, geographically diverse data centers. All of RapidScale’s data centers feature on-premises security guards, an exterior security system, biometric security systems, palm scanners, and constant digital surveillance and recording.

RapidScale keeps you secure and compliant.

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Certified in HITRUST, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS
  • Maintains a SOC 1 and SOC 2 audit

Responsive Capacity and Business Continuity Delivered

Scale capacity to fit your business needs in real-time while ensuring your cloud resources are available and protected from unforeseen disruptions.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Over 600 companies trust RapidScale to manage over 14,000 virtual machines (VMs) while ensuring 99.9%+ uptime at a predictable monthly cost.
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS): RapidScale protects more than 5 petabytes of customer data with RTOs between 2 and 12 hours to fit your business.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): Ensure your most critical data, applications, and virtual machines (VMs) are protected with continuous replication that delivers RPOs measured in minutes and RTOs in mere hours.

Securing Business at the Edge

60% of cyberattacks happen at the edge. RapidScale’s comprehensive portfolio of secure connectivity solutions allows you to enable productivity from your remote offices and dispersed workforce.

  • SD-WAN: RapidScale supports dispersed WAN environments and remote connectivity needs of over 800 companies and over 5,000 network devices. Our solution provides automatic path selection and optimization, robust security, as well as advanced circuit management for reliable access to cloud apps and internal network environments.
  • Managed SASE: Our solution delivers powerful Zero Trust network security and reliable and adaptable remote connectivity in a single cloud platform. It has the flexibility to deploy a complete SASE solution or layer SASE on your SD-WAN and or IDaaS tools a la carte to reduce security complexity and IT sprawl.

IT, Simplified

Managing the technology for a digitally-enabled financial business can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. RapidScale has developed a best-in-class service and support model to give you the flexibility to easily manage your environment. 

  • Single-Pane-Glass Orchestration Portal: Trusted by over 12,000 technology leaders, RapidScale’s Portal allows you to monitor and manage all your solutions from a single console.
  • RapidResponse Support: Our 24/7/365 US-based NOC provides proactive oversight of your environment and access to expert support engineers via phone, portal or chat.
RapidScale can help you modernize your infrastructure to become more responsive, compliant, and secure while reducing your administrative workload so you can focus on delivering the experiences that help engage more customers and drive more revenue.

Public Cloud Solutions Powered by Logicworks

RapidScale, powered by Logicworks, helps asset management firms, banks, and FinTech companies migrate to the public cloud, establish the correct security and compliance controls, and manage their cloud infrastructure 24/7/365.

A Secure Cloud Designed for You

RapidScale can help you build a HIPAA or HITRUST-compliant cloud architecture and migrate your mission-critical workloads to AWS or Azure. With 30 years of BFSI experience, we will build scalable cloud resources that will fluidly respond to your workload needs while still maintaining security and compliance with your business demands. Our migrations follow our tried and true Client Success framework, a process we’ve designed to ensure projects are efficient, effective, and always on track. RapidScale, powered by Logicworks, will:

  • Access: Our certified solutions architects analyze your existing architecture and build a business case to provide you with all the necessary information to migrate with confidence.
  • Design and Build: Leveraging the findings and assets generated during our assessment, we design and build a custom cloud environment that meets your business and technical objectives and ensures alignment with all six pillars of the Well-Architected Framework: Security, Operational Excellence, Cost Optimization, Reliability, Performance, and Sustainability.
  • Migrate: RapidScale helps facilitate the migration of your applications and data and prepares your environment to go live in production. Get the keys to your new cloud environment and prepare for a future of sustained success!

Managed Cloud Services

We combine 24/7 expert support with our world-class Cloud Reliability Platform to help you achieve operational excellence on the cloud. With our managed cloud services, you can focus on revenue-generating tasks and rely on our certified engineering team to manage your AWS or Azure infrastructure.

  • Cloud Operations Management: RapidScale becomes an extension of your team, providing AWS & Azure expertise, around-the-clock coverage, and proactive services to ensure performance and uptime.
  • Proactive Partnership: With our managed services, you will have a designated service delivery manager, lead architect, and lead engineer, proactively looking toward the future so you don’t have to.
  • Cloud Reliability Platform: The Cloud Reliability Platform incorporates automation tooling to accelerate time to issue identification and resolution, enables security automation, and provides the transparency you need to improve your cloud operations continuously.

Case Study

How to Accelerate AWS Migrations for Financial Services

Discover how FinTech and financial services companies can migrate to AWS in less than six months (often in less than 90 days). Learn the tools and processes needed to migrate legacy applications without major restructuring of applications.

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