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A Proactive Approach to Ransomware Like WannaCry
May 18, 2017

Last week an unprecedented malware attack hit the world, infecting more than 200,000 computer systems in over 150 countries, which makes…

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Pathway to the Cloud: Virtual Desktops
Pathway to the Cloud: Virtual Desktops
March 23, 2017

What are virtual desktops? What are VDI and DaaS? There are many terms and acronyms that are used to describe virtual…

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partnership with zerto
RapidScale Expands Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Partnership With Zerto
July 26, 2016

RAPIDSCALE EXPANDS DISASTER RECOVERY AND BUSINESS CONTINUITY PARTNERSHIP WITH ZERTO As part of the partnership, RapidScale is able to offer real-time replication…

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cost center to a profit center
Transform IT From a Cost Center to a Profit Center
July 19, 2016

Traditionally, IT departments focused on purchasing hardware and software, overseeing implementation, maintenance and security, and simply ensuring everything worked. With the…

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big data
A Big Impact from Big Data
April 26, 2016

Big Data refers to the massive volume of complex data that has become increasingly difficult to process with only traditional data…

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What’s New on CloudUniversity?
March 29, 2016

We’ve added courses and blog posts to RapidScale’s CloudUniversity throughout the month of March! We continue to update our education platform…

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8 Signs You Should Invest in the Cloud
August 11, 2015

8 Signs You Should Invest in the Cloud The word “cloud” may have bounced in and out of conversations at your office,…

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7 Reasons Cloud Software Is Awesome
June 23, 2015

7 Reasons Cloud Software Is Awesome Well to start, let’s clarify what Software as a Service (SaaS) is. According to Gartner, it…

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A Day With the Cloud
December 16, 2014

A Day With the Cloud So, you think you don’t use cloud computing. It’s just a business solution that may or…

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[Infographic] A Guide to Cloud Apps
November 14, 2014

A Guide to Cloud Apps

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