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Managed Cloud Solutions for Any Vertical

RapidScale offers cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes and all industries. With our flexible and customizable solutions, an organization can streamline processes, enhance employee productivity, and reduce overall IT expenditure.

10 Industries That Can Benefit from the Cloud

The cloud has never been a one-size-fits-all solution. It is impacting every corner of the business world, including organizations of all sizes, needs and industries. Cloud services work to make the cloud a realistic and game-changing opportunity for all industries, working with the unique needs and desires of every company to create the best possible solution. Whether your main concerns include cost, efficiency, customer service, scalability, accessibility or security, cloud is a viable solution.

Cloud has already become a driving force in the business world, with over 90% of global enterprises reporting using cloud as part of their business. (The Economist Intelligence Unit) That’s huge! And that adoption occurs despite the fact that each industry and business has its own unique technology dynamics.