Cloud for Automotive RapidScale Managed Cloud Computing Solutions for Business


Cloud for Automotive RapidScale Managed Cloud Services for Businesses

The automotive industry relies on the availability of a customer’s perfect car. When you have the ability to search inventories on the spot and stay connected, you close more sales and have more happy customers. RapidScale’s CloudAutomotive solution gives you the ability to make your business more efficient.

Enhancing the Automotive Industry with Managed Cloud Solutions

Big Data

The automotive industry requires large computing capabilities in order to operate necessary business functions, test and develop products, and access business analytics. The increasing demand for processing power, data storage and equipment means that many automotive companies are spending more money to accommodate their storage needs.

IT Costs

Manufacturers rely heavily on IT to ensure that supply chains and distribution channels are running smoothly at all times. The rising pattern of demand from the market means that automotive companies are faced with challenges in the form high costs associated with managing complex IT resources.


From manufacturers to dealers, each sector of the automotive industry needs to have constant access to available products and parts to insure they can scale smoothly in response to the changing demand or market conditions. Purchasing the latest software and hardware updates can be costly, making it difficult to keep inventories up-to-date.


The complexity of automotive operations is growing rapidly to meet the needs and desires of the market. This includes the need to support an increasingly dynamic and complex supply chain. The automotive industry requires synchronized collaboration to ensure optimized transport scheduling, inventory planning and replenishment, and more.


The cloud makes managing market activities easier, including product creation, logistics, compliance, tracking and risk management, new product launches, and much more. The cloud can improve visibility into specific supply chain activities and help resolve issues faster. Cloud-based analytics also allow OEMs to quickly evaluate a wide range of key performance indicators.

Having constant access to inventory is crucial for automotive dealers and vendors. The cloud allows you to search large databases quickly to find products in any location worldwide. Data virtualization technology allows companies to move their data online or offline in the cloud, lowering costs significantly and solving data storage roadblocks.

The cloud offers easier provisioning for software development and testing on new products, reducing the time and money spent on acquiring hardware and software licenses and allowing engineers to devote more time to innovation rather than IT activities.

A cloud collaboration platform can connect large players, manufacturers, vendors, and dealers, increasing information sharing between partners in all sectors of the automotive supply-chain. Each organization involved can effectively plan and manage activities in collaboration with their partners.

CloudApps Integration

CloudApps simplifies application purchasing and license management for your business. RapidScale offers some of the most commonly used business apps, and also allows you to integrate your existing applications into the cloud. We can support 97% of business applications on the market, including:

Inventory Management Software

  • Dealertrack Inventory+
  • DealerCenter
  • AutoStar Solutions

Accounting Software

  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Epicor
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Cloud Security

RapidScale offers the highest quality protection for your data and information in our secure, redundant and geographically-diverse data centers. With our SAS70, SSAE 16 Tier 3 data centers, your sensitive information will remain safe and secure at all times. All of RapidScale’s data centers feature on-premises security guards, an exterior security system, biometric security systems including palm scanners, and constant digital surveillance and recording. Our data centers are engineered to the highest of standards in order to assure your business is running 24x7x365. RapidScale’s certified network experts are trained to the highest industry standards and are available around-the-clock, insuring you always have someone to turn to with questions or concerns.


Cloud computing is increasingly popular in all industries, and the automotive industry is no exception.

The auto industry relies on the availability of a customer’s perfect car. When you have the ability to search inventories on the spot and stay connected, you close more sales and have more happy customers.

The cloud can impact the industry from start to finish – all the way from design to aftermarket solutions. It’s adding collaboration, cost efficiency, advanced analytics, scalability, safety, visibility and much more to a complex area of business.

And as the industry internally benefits, consumers will also benefit from advanced technological features and enhanced safety measures.

See What our Customers are Saying

  • The amount of detail Gary provided me, as well as his responsiveness, was far beyond anything we had with our last vendor. The efficiency of your RFC process is a breath of fresh air! I’m also extremely satisfied with the RapidScale support team as a whole in regards to their proficiency, sense of urgency and etiquette.
  • I checked out some new partner resources – great stuff. We are already getting some good traction here. You guys really offer some great support!!
  • After being introduced to RapidScale at an event, I cannot help but be more impressed each time I hear more. I attended a webinar too, and once again, I’m really impressed with the opportunities. When I looked in your Partner Portal for the first time I thought, “Wow was I crazy for not looking sooner!” Great stuff in there.
  • Austin was amazing, professional, knowledgeable and personable – a true star!
  • I appreciate Steven’s quick response time and friendly demeanor when discussing problems. Great service and follow up!
  • RapidScale has been by far better than [our previous provider]. Our team is so much happier!
  • Our timing satisfaction rating reflects that these were carry-over issues from our prior vendor, but we’re pleased with RapidScale, and Steven’s thoroughness in reviewing and handling through to resolution.
  • I have been thrilled with RapidScale, I love the fact that when I call to initiate a ticket the technicians answer the phone. With [our last provider], we left a message then had to wait for a technician to call back. Sometimes this could take days!  Thank you, I am really happy with your services.
  • Sent a ticket for a server being unresponsive and received a call within a few minutes. Great response and resolution.
  • I believe the technician’s name was David. He was very pro-active on a Saturday. Got the issue resolved quickly. High marks.
  • Thanks for the quick response and resolution!  And I appreciate the fact that the tech gave information about what the problem was, how it was fixed, etc. That is always better than a simple “it’s now fixed”.
  • The level of service that we have received from RapidScale has been completely awesome.  All of our IT team and the owner has commented on it.  You guys are doing a fantastic job!
  • It’s been great so far having RapidScale host our email. We had it in-house before and that was just may more trouble than it was worth.
  • We’ve been extremely pleased with the service and customer support RapidScale has provided us. We don’t have a large IT staff and so the ability to lean on them has been perfect.
  • We’ve now transferred almost our entire company into RapidScale’s cloud. We started with just our email – we moved from in-house to hosted – then we moved the rest of our servers into the RapidScale cloud and now we’re in the final stages of implementing our virtual desktops! It’s really incredible to have everything running in the cloud and to have it all be so easy.
  • Working with RapidScale has been great so far. Our organization had a lot of our servers in-house and it was such a pain. It’s 1,000 times better now that we moved it all to the cloud.
  • RapidScale quite literally re-invented our IT situation. It was a complete mess before and we are absolutely THRILLED with everything that they’ve helped us to accomplish. Our network runs smoother and our virtual environments are the best addition we’ve made in a very long time.
  • The whole “cloud” thing was incredibly daunting when we first started exploring it for our business. We didn’t really understand the way everything worked and how it was going to help us get past some of the technology speed bumps we had. I worked with the RapidScale sales team and they were really very helpful and made me completely comfortable with the solution. We’ve been running on the CloudOffice interface for about 4 months now and are 100% satisfied and so happy we made the choice to move to RapidScale.
  • RapidScale helped to not only significantly lower our costs, but to help make our work environment more productive as well as more reliable and stable.
  • I LOVE THIS TECHNOLOGY.  I am so excited to be in this new phase within our organization. As a proud partner of RapidScale, this week alone I’ve dealt with 3 major consultations in Colorado with hundreds of employees each! This technology is truly exciting stuff. They make the process so easy, from training, to quoting, to installation! I LOVE HOW EASY THAT WAS. Amazing. You all ROCK!